Delirium Token and Farm Smart Contract are Validated by BSCN

The Delirium Token and Farm Smart Contracts were recently audited by the BSCN AUDIT service team in order to look deeper into the security of the next layer that Sandman Finance is introducing.

Sandman layer was introduced to enable you, following the comic journey, to enhance the value of your Sandman Token. All tiers will get the maximum supply. Sandman is currently adding a new Delirium layer from the success of previous layers.


This interim report has been prepared for the Delirium Token, Delirium Masterchef and Delirium Timelock smart contracts. The purpose of this report is to provide insights with the aim of optimizing current smart contracts. Due to the overlap in code, it was decided to reduce the interim report to 1 summary document. The procedure for arriving at the following conclusions is made up of the following:

  • Testing the code against known and rare attack patterns
  • Assessing the layout of the various code components to test best practice
  • Scanning and stress testing of the contract functions, including low-level calls and edge cases. Cross
  • Thorough line-by-line inspection by certified Solidity Developer.

Project summary

Contract Names
Delirium Token | Delirium Masterchef | Delirium TimeLock

Network                                     Polygon

Language                                   Solidity


Audit summary

Delivery date

Audit Methodology                         Static Analysis, Manual Analysis

Risk summary

Risk LevelTotalReported         DisprovedSolved     RecognizedObjection

You can find the full audit of Delirium / Sandman Finance here.

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