Delirium Public Pre Sale will launch today at 15:00 utc approx

If you’re looking for a secure and trustworthy yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team committed to the development, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Sandman Farm now provides an excellent chance for investment.

The Sandman farming platform’s planned for the first few days and a short-term strategy was established to make this farming platform viable, which proved to be highly effective and a tremendous success. You’re probably thinking right now about when the second layer will be out.

Is your wait over now? Continue reading to find out more.

Get Delirium with Sandman Finance:

Hybrid – Dreamed Yield Farming and Vaults with Auto-compounding on Polygon Network, the First Public Presale Ever on September 12th.

Layer 2 Public Pre-Sale:

On Sunday, the public pre-sale will begin!

The wait is undoubtedly over for our loyal clients who have been waiting impatiently after the tremendous success of our first Pre-sale. The last pre-sale was a massive success within 30 seconds, and all tokens were sold out, so if you missed that opportunity, don’t miss this now. Tomorrow, September 12th begins the second layer pre-sale at approximately 15:00 UTC.

Sandman Layer was introduced to enable you, following the comic journey, to enhance the value of your Sandman Token. All tiers will get the maximum supply. Sandman is currently adding a new Delirium layer from the success of previous layers.

So be sure to look around and think about farming in Sandman!

Delirium Long-Term Goals

“Sandman Finance is currently on Polygon, and it’s the first long-term hybrid yield farming system!”

Sandman Farm was the first to launch stealth pre-sale, selling all-in pre-sale tokens in less than 30 seconds. They are grateful that the community has supported them on the first step of their long-term project.

You can also join them shortly by purchasing a ticket to the second public pre-sale tomorrow.


We may list the following as some of our project’s key features:

We combine elements from several launch tactics, including stealth and public pre-sale.In this approach, we can increase security while also benefiting the community.

NFT Prediction with Chainlink Oracles

In our madness kingdom, you can unlock harvest earlier by guessing correctly on Matic Price behaviour.


We take ingredients from multiple launch strategies: Fair and presale. This way we improve security and community profit.


We took farms and went one step further to help the community achieve higher profits where they perform auto-compounding without the need for investor interaction


We are implementing bot detection techniques to safeguard real investors in our community.

Madness Kingdom

The Madness Kingdom is a feature that works as an incubator for collaborating projects.


For those who want the classic way to farm their coins, you can do it in this project.


Same as the comic, Sandman Finance will have 7 layers. Those will be released over time after farming starts. More info to come.

What Is The Process Of Presale?

There will be two parts to the pre-sale.

You will be allowed to participate in phase 1 if you have a Sandman Token.

Otherwise, you can participate in the USDC Public Presale Phase 2.

Phase 1: Sandman Token Holder Swap – VIP Access

You can trade Sandman Token (Layer 1 Farming Token) at a set ratio if you have Sandman Token. You’ll be able to exchange your Delight tokens for Delirium tokens on the same site when the pre-sale finishes. At a 1:1 ratio, this would be done.

Phase 2: USDC Presale to the Public In general.

At the pre-sale, you’ll receive a Delight Token. After the pre-sale, you’ll be able to exchange it for Delirium tokens.

You will be able to purchase the Delight coin on our website once the public pre-sale begins.

After that, you can trade your Delight tokens for Delirium tokens on the same site when the pre-sale finishes. On September 16th, this would be done in a 1:1 ratio. Grab this opportunity and invest your money in Sandman!  

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