Dehuffski Launches New NFT Lounge

The new spot for NFT and Chill is here, spearheaded by BNB Chain favorite, Dehuffski. 

NFL for Crypto and NFT Enthusiasts

A new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Lounge and community meeting place, dubbed The Non-Fungible Lounge (NFL), was launched on Telegram for enthusiasts and newcomers interested in everything about BNB Chain NFTs.

Debuted on April 24 by Dehuffski––famous for his work with Liquid Collectiblesthe Bull Society, and the BNB Chain NFT Growth Alliance (BNGA)––The Non-Fungible Lounge will be a space for Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) and pure NFT good times amongst BNB Chain projects. The NFL Telegram Channel has already grown to 270 members and boasts a profound warchest to begin attracting users behind Dehuffski’s leadership. Beyond getting to know great people in the space, the NFL will give users plenty of chances for giveaways and prizes. 

“The Non-Fungible Lounge is a dream that I’ve been manifesting for some time. The NFT space deserves a welcoming, well-respected, trustworthy lounge/AMA group,” Dehuffski exclusively told BSC News. “The [NFL] has a community wallet that will fund regular giveaways and contests––10% of all promotional fees will be added… My goal is to drop weekly $1000 giveaways for my community and have the most popular NFT Lounge and AMA spots.”


The NFT community on BNB Chain has been growing into itself in recent months, and few personages are as symbolic of its rise as Dehuffski himself. As a tireless AMA host and a beacon of light to users in the space, Dehuffski will use the NFL to work more closely with projects. 

“I have spent over eight months in this space learning and growing my knowledge around the NFT and Web3 space,” Dehuffski continued. “I’ve genuinely enjoyed doing what I do, sharing my energy and opinion with people who reach out to me asking for advice. I feel confident that I can create a sincerely decent and exciting space for NFT projects and collectors.”

With tons of giveaways locked and loaded, the NFT Lounge is set to be lit with prizes. The NFL has already kicked off with a slew of giveaways in conjunction with the recent PixelSweeper mint, plus awarded some individual users with NFTs from popular projects like Degen Ape Club, the Living Dead NFT, and The Bulls Society.


The NFL will host Chain Legion for its first Telegram AMA on April 28––and it should be the first of many. BSC News will follow the developments of the community closely. 

The NFL is a significant development for the BNB Chain NFT community and shows the community’s health as leaders like Dehuffski continue to grow and flex their influence. But ultimately, the industry only moves forward if we continually evolve and refuse to stagnate. 

Take it from CryptoMavis, one of the minds behind the upcoming Heritage Collection NFT

What is the Non-Fungible Lounge (NFL):

Founded in April 2022, The Non-Fungible Lounge is a space for NFT lovers, created by Dehuffski, a self-professed NFT Lover. The space hopes to become a place for new and existing quality, trustworthy NFT projects to reside and foster community. Dehuffski is known for his work around the BNB Chain. A true BNB Chain maximalist, Dehuffski is the lead community manager for Liquid Collectibles, Business Development Manager for the Bull Society, and co-founder of the BNB Chain Growth Alliance (BNGA). 

Where to  Non-Fungible Lounge (NFL):

Twitter | Telegram

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