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BSC.NEWS hosts Degenerate Money–a Passive Yield token built on BSC that rewards holders and punishes sellers. It is also the native token used in our NFT farms. All Questions answered by @Crypto Papito

Lola (AMA HOST): Can I have the Team member of Degenerate Money say hello?

Crypto Papito: Hello, We’re here now

Lola (AMA HOST): You’re welcome. Good to have you here

Crypto Papito: Thanks for having me

Lola (AMA HOST): How’re you doing today?

Crypto Papito: Doing great, you ?

Lola (AMA HOST): Doing Great too.

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Degenerate Money? Could you tell us your role in the project and briefly introduce Degenerate Money?

Crypto Papito: I’m a web developer with a degree in business information systems. I found bitcoin in 2016 and my passion for blockchain technology made me get into bitcoin mining which was my main job from 2016- 2020. Within that time i decided to dive deeper into blockchain tech and go full crypto by becoming a self taught bitcoin miner and blockchain developer

Degenerate money is a multi-dimensional NFT farm and market place for NFT collectors. The $DEGENR token used in the NFT farm is a yield token on Binance smart chain that rewards holders by taxing sellers 7% on every transaction and redistributing 4% of that back to holders while the other 3% is burned making it deflationary. 

The term degenerate money is derived from mathematics, a degenerate case is a limiting case of a class of objects which appears to be qualitatively different from the rest of the class.

Lola (AMA HOST): Wow! I always have interest in web designing. How has been the Journey as a web designer?

Crypto Papito: It’s been great, i used to design websites for shipping agencies before i learnt how to integrate web3

Lola (AMA HOST): You must be a Master then!

Keep it up!

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Crypto Papito: The Degenerate money team is a team of Developers, Artists and sound engineers.  I, the lead dev has 6 and half years experience in programing and web development while our lead Artist has 12 years of experience in Graphic design, and our Sound engineer has 8 years of experience in sound design and music production. We have 1 more back end developer and  2 other artists who work part time with us as well as a social media manager.  All these skills and experience came together and gave birth to the DEGENR NFT Farm.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great Team coming together is really a good one.

Q3. Can you tell us how NFT farming works? Especially to those who are new to NFT and Farming.

Crypto Papito: NFT farmings works almost the same way as a yield farm. You stake tokens on the farm and then you earn points which you can use to redeem NFT’s on the farm. That way you can stake tokens just once and keep getting a constant supply of NFT’s without having to stake more tokens

Q4. In your Roadmap, Sigma and Alpha is in the third stage. Can you give us a glimpse of what it is or how it will be?

Crypto Papito: Okay so we have multiple NFT farms hosted on DEGENR, feauturing several projects like $LIGHT and $SAFEMARS. However we have our Limited Edition NFT farm, featuring DEGENR DAPE NFTS, these NFT’s have a max supply of 100 and each of them are 1/1.

There are 4 generations of DAPEs, GENESIS, OMEGA, SIGMA and ALPHA. So far we have released GENESIS and OMEGA which are a total of 70 NFT’s out of 100 and they’ve all been farmed or bought out. Each DAPE costs aprroximately 11 BNB or roughly a million to 2 million + NFT points to redeem.

We’ll be releasing SIGMA DAPES in a few days which are 29 in number and then we will release the final DAPE , the alpha. There will only be 1 ALPHA.

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s a great. We all waiting for it.

Q5. There are a lot of Featured Farms in your site. Can you tell us about them or some?

Crypto Papito: Okay as stated briefly above, we hosts projects we’ve partnered with on our NFT farms, so farm we’ve partnered with $SOUL, DUSA, LIGHT, SUPERPEPEWORLD, PSI, SAFE MARS and CUMMIES. Each of these farms require their users to hold some DEGENR tokens in order to farm NFT’s on the DEGENR platform

Q6. How many Partners do you have? And what do you expect from them?

Crypto Papito: We have 8 partners so far and have some other partnerships lined up at the moment. Our partners are required to be trustworthy, as we vet projects thoroughly and make sure we don’t partner with rugs. Secondly we do community incentives with our partners to encourage both communites to collect NFT’s and to foster the spirit of Nft trading between our communities ,

Lola (AMA HOST): Can you mention some of your partners?

Crypto Papito: So far we’ve partnered with:









All amazing projects with vibrant communities

Lola (AMA HOST): Yeah. True. That’s good.

Q7. Can you tell us about the mint function of NFT?

Crypto Papito: The Mint function allows anyone to mint their own NFT’s on our platform. We have a working NFT marketplace where thousands of NFT’s have been listed and sold. We have over 40,000 unique visitors on our platform monthly and that number grows daily.

Lola (AMA HOST): Good to hear that.

Q8. Can you share with our community the plans you and your project have for this year and the coming years?

Crypto Papito: Here’s what we have planned next 

More partnerships for NFT farms, this will lead to more tokens staked and less sell pressure

More Artists added to DEJUNGLE, we are aiming to have over 1000+ artworks in DEJUNGLE.

We are alredy listed on LiveCoinWatch and Blockfolio, and Yes we’re working on getting us on  CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap as soon as possible.

DEGENR pairs getting listed on more yield farms for those who want to stake and earn tokens instead.

More use cases for our NFT’s in the work which we can’t announce yet but would be made publicly available soon.

Lola (AMA HOST):Good work!

Q9. What are the major challenges of Degenerate Money and how do you intend to solve them?

Crypto Papito: RIght now, our biggest challenge is speed. Due to the issues with BSC, our Farms sometimes take a bit longer than expected to load. To fix this we’re adding more nodes to the network, we already have 3 nodes up and running which have increased load time dramatically, we added an update 15 hours ago to the site which has made the farms load 3x faster but we still want to make the process faster and more convenient for the user to make the user experience pleasant. We’re adding a private node in a few days, this should make the farms load almost instantly

Q10. Share with us all the links about Degenerate Money, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Crypto Papito:





Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Crypto Papito: Haha we have something big in the works but we’ll do a disservice to the project and our partner if we announce it right now. We don’t want copy cats until we have deployed it, sorry 🙂

Lola (AMA HOST): I understand. No problem 😊

Thanks for today’s AMA it was really a great one.

Crypto Papito: Thanks for having me Lola

Lola (AMA HOST): You’re welcome.

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