Degen Lizzy Invites You to Travel to The Wild West World with 10,000-mood Chameleon

Degen Lizzy welcomes you to the NFT metaverse’s wild west. Inspired by the real-world chameleon crisis, you are given opportunities to preserve these lovely creatures.


Degen Lizzy is a collection of ten thousand one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles issued on the Solana Blockchain. Each piece of artwork is hand-drawn with great attention to detail.


Chameleons are a distinct family of delightfully strange reptiles. They had long, shooting tongues, strangely formed horns or crests, and a prehensile tail similar to that of a monkey. However, chameleons are most recognized for their incredible ability to alter the color of their skin. Over millions of years, these Old World reptiles have exploited this evolutionary characteristic for a wide range of purposes, including camouflage, sophisticated communication, and staying warm in cold weather. However, according to a new update to the IUCN Red List, this unique group of lizards is facing a crisis that might lead to the extinction of dozens, if not hundreds, of chameleons.

As a result, it is their primary obligation to protect these magnificent creatures. A portion of the proceeds from their NFT sale will be donated to one or more chameleon preservation organizations of the community’s choice. They have already contacted a few organizations, non-governmental organizations, and people who are actively conducting studies on this fascinating issue.

They have set aside 5% of the proceeds from each NFT sale for the creator, with the remainder going to charity. Furthermore, 5% of the total cash raised by the NFT minting event will be donated to the same cause. You are cordially welcomed to join on this incredible adventure.

Sample work

Here are some samples of their high-quality work.

The unique Apple Pie Order

Recognize the Corn, the Degen Lizzy, and his characteristics were all hand-drawn by an A-List artist.

The Degen Lizzy has approximately 70 distinctive characteristics, and each mood is distinct. Degen Lizzy like to be dressed in his Best Bib and Tucker and does not accept yellowbellies. It’s a reasonable chance. Degen Lizzy’s price will always be 2-2.5 SOL. Missing out on the deal would be a travesty.

Members of the metaverse saloon who want to snort will receive special perks. The owner of the Degen Lizzy who manufactured his jack has the commercial rights.

Community First is the motto of the project. The proprietors of Degen Lizzy will decide the project’s destiny.

Also, they’re Ginnin’ Around to let you collect your free bounty as soon as possible. You are encouraged to invite friends to join with an exciting referral program. 


Project deployment and community preparations for the highly anticipated Degen Lizzy NFT minting event.

Listing the Degen Lizzy’s many moods on the finest secondary marketplaces.

Degen Lizzy Merchandise is now available.

Launch new missions, collaborate with other projects and deliver surprises for holders.

Create ultra-rare AR Degen Lizzy moods.

The community DAO will brainstorm the action strategy for the following missions in line.

Contribute to the conservation of lizards threatened with extinction.

Charity and Donations

Degen lizzy project is inspired by the real-world crisis of endangered chameleon species.  Hence as per IUCN Chamelon support group advice, They will be donating 5% of their total mint proceeds to BINCO vzw, A NGO trying to save Chapman Pygmy chameleon from brink extinction. Furthermore, There will be a small royalty introduced for their NFTs which will 100% go to the Chameleon Preservation NGOs and organizations Let’s help them to join hands together to preserve these beautiful creatures.

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