degem – a Simple, Smooth DeFi Ecosystem

Along with their integrated data metrics and charts, degem offers significant rewards for holders – and a place to get new crypto projects started.

Introducing Degem

degem is an upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem launching on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). degem was born out of the ‘ashes of rekt degens’, a community-influenced way of saying inexperienced investors who have seen substantial losses due to shady DeFi projects. degem seeks to end their suffering by providing a platform that simplifies complex strategies, bridging the gap for investors who are new to crypto investing. Essentially, degem combines the market data of CoinMarketCap and PooCoin with the DeFi services of PancakeSwap into a single platform. degem is powered by the $DGM token. 

The degem Team and Mission

The degem team united to form the project after realizing that they all had a similar vision regarding crypto developers and the lack of stability and trust present in the industry. The team is made up of Jewel Master, J Lat, Naphtha, and Colortones. All of the members have experience in DeFi across a host of different projects, where each of them saw the same issues plaguing DeFi that degem seeks to resolve.

The degem mission can be summed up in three words: simplicity, empowerment, and profit. degem seeks to be a transparent platform where investors can do research on every trade they make, as well as earn verifiably sound passive income from supplying liquidity. 

degem Products

degem will offer a series of DeFi products that will essentially allow users to perform all of their investing on one platform, as well as provide support for developers. The degem DEX will launch November 9th at 9PM UTC time.


The degem DEX is their primary product. The community-based DEX is filled with features that enhance the trading experience for users, making it easy to make the trades you want to make. The DEX reflects simplicity, profit, and empowerment in its design.

The degem exchange is routed to PancakeSwap LPs, meaning that degem users have access to the wide variety of pools available on PancakeSwap. These pools have a substantial amount of liquidity, making them an excellent place to start earning yields. They are also verified by the secure PancakeSwap platform to ensure their legitimacy. 

Users can customize the UI of the DEX to suit their preference, making it as comfortable as possible.


degem charts are integrated into the same page as the DEX. They are detailed but skip information that could be overwhelming to users, instead providing the important details necessary to make sound trading decisions. Having the accessibility of these charts on the same platform you are trading on speaks to the utility that degem offers, as well as their theme of investor empowerment. 

The charts display items like ownership statistics, liquidity locks, and developer wallet trackers. This information gives investors more of a sense of what is going on with each token, such as concerning patterns, potential honeypot traps, and other factors to keep in mind. This also helps traders jump on trending tokens early – and get out of investments that are about to crash.

Smart Dashboard

Working in tandem with the charts and DEX, the degem smart dashboard will analyze smart contracts for you to determine their safety. This is an especially helpful feature in DeFi considering the sheer volume of projects and relative lack of information about them. Being able to analyze a contract before interacting with it is a huge boon.

Anti-Slippage and Stop-Loss

degem has built anti-slippage and stop-loss measures into their platform to help mitigate risk for traders. These measures help users to manage their exposure even while they are not actively trading.


The degem Refinery will thoroughly analyze startup projects, serving as an incubator. During this process the degem team will identify the most promising elements of projects and strip away the more questionable facets that could cause issues down the road.


The degem launchpad will work hand-in-hand with the Refinery, providing a place for their incubated projects to connect with a community. Only projects that have been fully vetted and refined will be able to utilize the launchpad.

Gem Cave

The Gem Cave is a unique final piece of the Refinery/Launchpad combo. The degem team will negotiate with the launching projects to receive a certain amount of their tokens to be put in the Gem Cave. Users who are staking $DGM will then be rewarded with these tokens, spreading holders and exposure for the new projects – and incentivizing more users to stake $DGM.

$DGM Tokenomics

Token Ticker: $DGM

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Transaction Fees: 7% (2% to liquidity, 2% for marketing, 3% to platform development)

Exchange Trading Fee: 1%

$DGM will never have any burns or mints as it is a fixed supply token.


Private/Public Sale: 40%

PancakeSwap Liquidity: 26%

Exchange Reserves: 10%

Team: 10%

Marketing: 7%

Whitelist: 7%


The degem Treasury will collect 75% of all Exchange Trading Fees, with the remaining 25% going to PancakeSwap for liquidity. This is where holding $DGM is a real asset for users; out of all the fees collected by the Treasury, 50% will be redistributed to $DGM holders! The expected time that these rewards will start being distributed The Treasury will also help fund the Refinery, giving funding to the team to help curate new ‘Gems’. 

The full distribution is as follows:

$DGM Holders: 50%

Marketing: 10%

Development: 10%

Refinery: 10%

Team: 20%

Public Sale/Private Sale

Public Sale: Limit: $312,500 BUSD. 110 $DGM per BUSD.

Private Sale: Limit: $75,000 BUSD. 140 $DGM per BUSD. 

Public Sale Soft Cap: $150,000 BUSD 

Public Sale Hard Cap: $250,000 BUSD

Concluding Thoughts

degem is an exciting project for both investors and developers looking to start their own token. Not only are there ample chances to earn passive income on the platform, the trader-friendly features help investors to make the smartest decisions regarding trades – and manage exposure even when you aren’t online. 

The degem incubation program provides a full scale plan for new developers, giving them the tools needed to succeed. Backed by an experienced team who want to maximize the potential of DeFi, degem is quite the diamond in the rough.

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