Deflationary tokenomics HoneyFarm is set to fair launch on BSC

HoneyFarm Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project on BSC with deflationary tokenomics of a maximum supply of 24,650 HONEY tokens.ADVERTISEMENT



Recognizing the limitations of a yield farming project, because a deflationary mechanism cannot beat nature inflation, they researched a variety of projects using their experiences as investors and managers of various DeFi projects, and came to the conclusion that a deflationary tokenomics with limited supply on layered farming mechanism is the best option.

Because of the restricted supply, inflation will be controlled and deflationary processes will be more effective, allowing the price of a native token to be more stable.

They have previously disclosed the complete quantity of their native token, $HONEY, so that everyone is aware of it and may devise ways to maximize profit from it.

Key Feature

A maximum cap of 24,650 tokens

0.05 emission rate

Deposit fees will be used for burns, advertising, and dev fees. 

Layered farming approach ensures continuous profits for their 1st generation investors; the HONEY holders

In addition to that, they’re going to introduce the below features to maximize the deflationary mechanism.

– Honey Keeper Protocol (HKP): Fixed Price / Random Buy-Back program

– Lottery: Drawing numbered tickets at random for a big prize

– Working Bee: Automated compounding for native farms/pools

– Transfer Tax: Every transaction except HKP related will need to pay tax

Fair Launch

Token Launch (Deposit Start, Tradable, Initial liquidity supply): July 30th 9:00 UTC

Farming Start: July 30th 12:00 UTC

Countdown Clock:

Aside from the negative market situation and the downward atmosphere of the DeFi sector, automated bots are destroying the fairness of innocent consumers’ investments.

To prevent bots from purchasing ahead of users when first liquidity is introduced, they will notify the token contract when the initial liquidity is added.

They also claim that transfer tax will simply but effectively ban arbitrage bots and front-run bots.

They will declare the maximum supply of native tokens with a set emission rate at the end of the fair.

Then, users can forecast when the emissions will peak and devise an investing plan based on it.


The HoneyFarm team has a transparent and well-defined marketing and operations strategy.

This road map will be useful for DYOR on HoneyFarm. Their top aim is to increase the sweetness of HoneyFarm.


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HoneyFarm Operation

​Landing Page Launch 


Meme Contest

Website Launch

Initial liquidity supply to Honey-BNB and Honey-BUSD pools

HONEY Contract Announcement

Farming start

Honey Keeper Protocol Launch

Advertising and Promotion


Teaser of sweet Layer 2 farm features

Layer 2 Farm Launching just prior to 24,650 tokens being minted with Honey pools and Farms


Name: HoneyFarm Token 

Symbol: HONEY

Contract Address: To be announced at the time of adding liquidity

Chain: Binance Smart Chain(BEP-20)

Total Supply: Limited to 24,650 HONEY

Transfer Tax

Burn Rate: 3% of transfer tax will be burned immediately

Total Transfer Tax Rate: 3%

Emission Rate

0.05 HONEY / block

9.09% dev fee for project growth and cooperations. 9.09% HONEY commission from emission will be used exclusively for future partnerships with other farms and vaults. None of this commission will ever be sold, which would negatively affect the price of the HONEY token.

Deposit Fee

When users deposit on HoneyFarm, a 4% deposit fee will be charged. 

40% of Deposit Fee will be used for buyback/burn and HKP

60% will be used for advertising, infrastructure and dev fee

100% of deposit fee will be used for buybacks on new pools

Honey Keeper Protocol

Honey Keeper Protocol, abbreviated as HKP, is HoneyFarm’s one-of-a-kind Buy-Back mechanism that rewards holders while effectively deflating Honey circulation.


Epoch Duration: 12 hours

Apply Fee: 0.5 Honey

Lock-up: 2 Epochs (12~24 hours)

 EX) An applicant during epoch 1 will be locked until the end of epoch 2.

Buy-back Reward Explained

Following the expiration of the lock-up period, each applicant (wallet) will be chosen at random and the applied amount will be repurchased.

On each application, a random selection is made. (One wallet with ten applications has ten chances of being chosen.)

If the selected wallet applies less than the current buy-back amount, the smart contract will hold another raffle and choose another wallet to buy back. It continues until the current epoch’s buy-back money is depleted.

If the selected wallet applies more than the current buy-back amount, just the current amount will be purchased, and the remaining Honey will be refunded to the participant.

To participate

Apply the quantity of Honey that you wish to stake for Buy-Back.

    Apply at least 0.51 honey or more when the “Apply Fee” is taken into account.

If you win, the BUSD amount will be displayed in the ‘Rewarded’ column. Honey allows you to withdraw at any moment and get a great ROI.

If you miss out on the opportunity, you may ‘Re-apply’ or ‘Withdraw’ your Honey.

A charge of 0.5 Honey is also required for re-application.

You can apply more Honey even before two epochs have passed.

When you apply for or withdraw Honey, you will not be charged a 3% transfer tax.

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