DefiXBet (DXB) Launches Innovative Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Gaming/Casino Platform with DeFi Features

The peer-to-peer functionality relies on smart contracts to ensure fairness and transparency for all of its gamers.

Introducing DefiXBet

DefiXBet (ticker symbol: DXB) has taken the gaming and cryptocurrency world by storm, announcing its first decentralized casino with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features as a part of its efforts to build the future of betting and P2P gaming platforms. The team is proud to announce what it calls the “most clean, transparent, secure, anonymous betting platform.”

The crypto-backed DXB developers expressed their desire to solve many of the challenges associated with centralized casinos, especially the risk of casino players ignorantly interacting with manipulated gaming scripts that put them at a disadvantage. 

To proffer a practical and lasting solution to this problem, the team can turn game scripts into Smart Contracts and thus eliminate the trust issue between casino players and the gaming platform since Smart Contracts enforces transparency. 

The Challenges For Players

The DefiXBet team understands how challenging it can be for players in the industry, especially when it comes to making money from playing regular casino games, and therefore, is aiming to solve the issue permanently in a very transparent manner.

It comes with offering a platform where users can play their favorite games without having such hurdles or issues. DefiXBet is modeled in such a way that not only it gives transparency, ease and comfort, but also levels the playing field for the users when it comes to these casino games.

Integrating DeFi Into the Gaming World

“One of DXB’s major key features is using the DeFiProtocol to share the profits of the casino with all the DXB token holders,” one of DXB’s developers explained, shedding light on the rationale behind its decision to integrate the DeFi feature into its gaming platform.

The distribution is as follows:

40% to stake holders on the DeFi Platform

40% to the DefiXBet Platform

20%  Token Buy-Back (of which 50% will get burned)

“The DXB token value is designed to grow rapidly by scaling the platform while token holders can gain passive income by staking DXB or by creating their own casino games as a 3rd party developer,” the developer continued.

DefiXBet also supports decentralized betting, “Custom Decentralized Bet” (CDB). Through this feature, the platform’s leadership will interact with real-world data such as result APIs in a manner that will ensure the platform’s trustworthiness. 

With the CDB, all users can create fully decentralized bets via the platform. They have the unique honor of setting their own rules as well. 

Incubation of 3rd Party Games

The incubation of 3rd party casino games will be the most anticipated and exciting feature that users (especially game developers) should look forward to.  According to the team, “the DXB platform is going to provide new blockchain-based gambling games from 3rd party developers with the DXB community support and experience to ensure that the games will be delivered with a great opportunity for success.”

This step will be a massive addition to the DXB platform as it will provide yet another opportunity for earning passive income as 3rd Party developers will be able to generate additional profits from their own games they create for DefiXbet, and the more frequent players interact with their games, the more money will be generated for the creator of that game. 

The team considers this a brilliant move that will benefit both the platform and its users.

“The process will reduce some of the risk factors common to the early gaming stage. It will also minimize the investment risks that gamblers are exposed to from time to time. We encourage everyone to start learning how to program on Solana so they will be able to contribute to the platform,” the team enthused.

Past and Future Roadmap

August 21, 2021: The DXB token was initially listed for Private Sale

September 28, 2021: IDO Public Pre-Sale begins on Unicrypt                                                                     

Between September 28 to October 11th: DXB will list on Pancake Swap once the hardcap from presale isreached (3,500,000 DXB Tokens)

October 11, 2021: PreSale Tokens purchased during private sale in August will be unlocked on Unicrypt

November 2021:  The team will execute a token swap so you can move your DXB tokens between Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and the Solana Blockchain (SPL)

December 2021: The platform will launch with the first P2P decentralized Rock Paper Scissors game, to which users can play against each other while placing bets on the game’s outcome. More games will follow in the coming months.

January 2022: Sports Betting and CDB is scheduled to go live

February 2022: DeFi staking will be added to the platform

Q2 – 2022: Dedication to the Incubation Program for 3rd party developers

Q3  2022: iPhone/Android DefiXBet gaming app.

In the meantime, the team has announced, the DXB token will be offered for $0.10 during the IDO Presale on Unicrypt, which begins around 7am EST,  September 28, 2021. Once the hard cap of 3.5 million tokens are reached, DXB will list on Pancake swap for $0.13. The DXB token will be added to additional exchanges over the coming months.

Early investors can take advantage of this opportunity to buy and hold DXB at a cheaper price than its projected sale upon listing. DXB tokens that were purchased during the Presale will be locked on Unicrypt and can be redeemed when the hardcap is reached. There will be an option to keep the DXB tokens locked up for an additional 2 months and receive a 10% bonus. So for example, if you purchase 10,000 DXB tokens at the presale and keep them locked for an approximate 60 days from the hardcap, you will receive an additional 1000 DXB airdropped to your wallet. 

The DXB Token Hardcap for Public Presale is 3,500,000 DXB (17.5%) of total supply, Totaling $350,000, and the maximum contribution is 2,000 BUSD per user.

The DXB team has published a Medium post on how to buy their token on Unicrypt, as well as including instructions for PancakeSwap buyers in their docs.

The DXB Team

The project leadership shed light on why it doesn’t publicly announce its team members. Citing security and regulation issues that may affect the developers, the team announced the reasons for their auditing and doxxing decisions.

 “Considering all the restrictions & regulations on betting platforms across the globe, and to secure all of our team members from the problems which these restrictions can create for them, we have decided not to announce our team publicly. However, to give our investors the security, and confidence that DefiXBet is a legit blockchain project, we have instead completed the KYC process with and received a Certificate of Compliance. This verifies the project ownership, List of all team members, Team Identity, and that our DXB Token Smart Contract is published on the Binance Smart Chain main-net. The smart contract has also passed an audit, thoroughly and meticulously investigated by Solidity Finance,” their statement explains.

Crypto lovers who are passionate about online games and gambling are encouraged to patronize this new blockchain-based decentralized casino and experience the distinction between the conventional gaming platforms and DefiXBet (DXB).

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