DefiDollar Integrates with Various Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Protocols

The DefiDollar team has revealed that $DFD users can now use the multichain.XYZ cross-chain bridge to move their DefiDollars from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. The DefiDollar product suite will soon be available on the Binance Smart Chain.

DefiDollar Moves From Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain

The good news was shared two days from the official Twitter account of the risk-insured stablecoin network. The DefiDollar team has stated they are seeking to achieve the following:

Ease the decision for a beginner trader on which stablecoin to hold as well as the merits and demerits of each asset. Hence, it is easy for these users to have a focused savings account

Help average users access open finance initiatives such as diversification across protocols and yield farming


If DUSD is launched and it achieves the aforementioned objectives, it will be the first meta-stablecoin on the BSC network to achieve that objective.

How DUSD Intends to Achieve Its Objectives

Two ways:

  • Retail-friendly savings account

Since gas fees are cheap on the BSC network, DUSD intends to provide an inexpensive savings account for users to own stablecoins and earn interest on them. Users won’t have to worry about spending their savings on gas fees. There will also be a systemic basis for savings and other benefits.

  • Yield diversification across protocols

The DefiDollar team used Curve Finances’ pools to build on the ethereum network. These users generated tokens that are put in yearn finance vaults to optimize gains. The BSC native protocol will replace the curve finance pools. Users can achieve their aim of optimizing gains through the DUSD’s liquidity providers. Over time, the company intends to increase the number of protocols available to maximize yields for $DSD liquidity providers.


Some of the protocols being considered to be added include, Smoothy Finance, Nerve Finance, Ellipsis Finance, Autofarm, and PancakeSwap. With $DSD now part of the BSC network, DefiDollar has become a multi-chain protocol for institutions and retail users. However, there would be no change in the DFD protocol governance token on either BSC or Ethereum.

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