DeFiChain Partners with ACryptoS to launch a New Dual-Token Farm in BSC

DeFiChain ($DFI) is an established blockchain platform, with decentralized governance and an active community supporting its developments. DeFiChain has just partnered up with ACryptoS to launch their first farm on #BNBSmartChain. This is the first and only farm on BSC, where DeFiChain users can now farm huge APYs with the new DFI-BNB LP (Liquidity Pool) on Acsi.Finance.

Acsi.Finance is the first and only protocol in BSC that is forked from Balancer V2. With the unique mechanics of Balancer V2, users can enjoy much more efficient swaps, with lower swap fees and lower gas fees as well.

What is DeFiChain?

DeFiChain was built with the mission of maximizing the full potential of DeFi within the Bitcoin ($BTC) ecosystem. DeFiChain’s initial functions and products include: lending, token wrapping, pricing oracles, exchanges, asset tokenization, distribution of dividends, etc.

The project is built on Bitcoin as a software fork and is tied to the Bitcoin blockchain using a Merkle root every few blocks. DeFiChain transactions are non-Turing complete, which makes them fast and smooth, with low gas costs and a reduced risk of smart contract errors.

As they launched their BSC Bridge recently, they opted to partner with ACryptoS to launch their first farming pool on BSC. Read on to understand how to farm two tokens at the same time with ACryptoS!

Dual Token Farming: $120,000 ACSI + DFI

With the new DFI-BNB pool launched not long ago, $70,000 DFI + $40,000 ACSI was allocated for the farm, and they will be distributed over a period of 90 days and 150 days respectively. Users can deposit to the farm, and enjoy the great APY, along with fees collected from swaps between any of these tokens.

A point worth noting is, that users can deposit 2 tokens in the listed proportion, or they can deposit just 1 single token (eg: $DFI, $BNB) and Acsi.Finance will take care of the rest in the background, balancing those tokens for you.

More details here with step-by-step instructions on providing liquidity, and farming for rewards:

Bonus: There is another way to farm additional $DFI tokens, just by depositing and staking in ACryptoS’ Core liquidity pool A2B2 (4-token ACS-ACSI-BNB-BUSD) Onsen Pool. Users are then able to farm multiple partner tokens at the same time, including $DFI tokens!

Swap to $DFI using Acsi.Finance now. Farm great APY with DFI-BNB.

Check out ACryptoS’ many auto-compounding vaults, giving out the highest single token vault APY, in BSC, Cronos, Harmony, Fantom, and Avalanche. Also worth noting is their stablecoin swap, which offers users the lowest fees, lowest slippage, and is the highest daily swap volume in BSC for the past one year+.

About DeFiChain

DeFiChain was launched in the fall of 2019, an established blockchain platform, built with the mission of maximizing the full potential of DeFi within the Bitcoin ($BTC) ecosystem. Visit to find out more.


About ACryptoS & Acsi.Finance

Acsi.Finance was launched in 2021 by ACryptoS, a #SAFU Top 5 Yield Optimizer in BSC. ACryptoS has been around since 2020. It has pushed out unique strategies to help users multiply their yields, and swap with the highest efficiency, all while making sure SAFU is the top priority.

Yield Optimizer (Vaults & Farms):

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