Defibox AMA Recap hosts Defibox: one-stop DeFi Application Platform on EOS and BSC

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @ravenbox How are you today?

Raven Defibox: Hi, everyone. I’m fine. Thank you. It is my pleasure to be here

BSCdaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Raven Defibox: Yeah, ready!

BSCdaily – Admin: Let’s start

Q1: Welcome to BSC Daily Community. Could you introduce Defibox and your Team?

Raven Defibox: Defibox is a leading DeFi project on EOS chain, we have Swap protocol, Stablecoin protocol and lending protocol. We can make a simple Simile: Defibox = Uniswap + MakerDAO + AAVE. We launched our protocol one year ago, on July 21, 2020. Yesterday, it was the first anniversary of Defibox, also a first day for Defibox launching on BSC.

Defibox is supported by EOS No.1 BP – decentralized trade center Newdex. Our Team is distributed globally. With several year experiences, we have a solid product development and profound DeFi operation experience.

For the EOS users that use Defibox, they are very familiar with us. Defibox team has 2 very important principles:

1. Safety First

Dual audit + asset multisig; Important protocol = dual audit; sub-protocol = single audit. EOS asset with global multisig. Weight evenly distributed between project team and other BPs, realizing a decentralization and safety.

2. Do no evil

During the one-year experience, our team realizes Defibox is more like a biological organism that can evolve. We welcome all the community developers to develop 3 basic protocols based on our 3 basic protocols. In the recent May 19 extreme market, our system passed the harsh test.

That’s it, thank you.

BSCdaily – Admin: Great, I would like to know more about Defibox

Q2: So, Defibox is indeed a good project. As a EOS leading DeFi project, why are you coming to BSC?

Raven Defibox:  Defibox multi-chain strategy start in April. We are going to cross-chain on BSC, ETH and other major chains as multi-chain strategy. The capital, activity and eco on BSC is much bigger than that on EOS, that is why BSC as our first station to start up. Of course, the competition is more intense there. We hope to get a heading place on BSC as well like we did in EOS.

By the way, we were online on 21 July yesterday, and Our genesis mining starts tomorrow12:00, 23rd July.

Welcome to come and experience it. We are cooperating with medias, KOL…it is going to be huge…that’s it thank you.

BSCdaily – Admin: Sounds interesting

Q3: The competition on BSC is very intense, what are your advantages?

Raven Defibox:  1. Safety first

Last year, DeFi was the most popular concept, but we also saw lots of projects lacking safety, without any security audit, and many accidents happened. This caused big losses for users, and also brought a negative impression to BSC.

Defibox also puts safety first place. Assets from users are protected at the highest level. In smart contract, we are the only one on EOS with dual audit by a well-known safety company; Our first protocol on BSC – Swap protocol is also strictly dual audited by Slowmist & Peckshield before it got launched.

2. Data talks

Now get an overview of Defibox performance in the past year: 3,700 EOS TVL, it was 3.6% of EOS supply. TVL > 200 million USD; Stablecoin > 10 million; Lending TVL > 50 million USD in 90 days.

For a bigger market, becoming a leading DeFi project on BSC is our goal.

Decentralization governance

We applied BPs multisig to ensure the asset safety. With this multisig mechanism, any asset transfer or contract change needs approval from several BPs, this removes the possibility of “doing evil” from the project team.

We talked about Defibox as “Evolving biological”. For evolution each time, it comes along with DAO – Decentralized autonomous organization. Like protocol income distribution, tokenomic, automatic interest rate change, etc. Those proposals are voted and decided by BOX holders, who have the right to vote and decide the future of Defibox. The ultimate goal is to dismiss the Foundation and achieve complete community autonomy.

We found not many DAO projects on BSC, we hope to bring our DAO style here and learn from each other.

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New UI experience

We saw many DeFi like using cartoon style. Defibox UI tends to be more professional style. We believe as a financial tool, it should be more rigorous, but also friendly.

On EOS, our UI wins a good reputation. We hope to bring our own UI style to BSC. We insist on safe, friendly, and easy principles. You can see our UI is quite different from the UI you saw on BSC. Welcome to experience it and make comments.

You can come there check if you like it.

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you so much for your clear answer

Q4: We saw a fully prepared new comer here. Now talk about your plan on BSC?

Raven Defibox: We will launch “Swap, Stablecoin, and Lending” as our 3 basic protocols, bringing DeFi combination and variety to BSC. Now the Swap is online. For the long term, only trinity as one (Swap + Stablecoin + lending) is real DeFi, it is a strong moat for Defibox.

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We hope when people want to create a liquidity pool, buy/sell, choose Defibox Swap; Mint Stablecoin, choose Defibox Stablecoin; Deposit/Borrow, choose Defibox Lending. We hope we can copy the success of EOS to BSC.

When we hold our position on BSC, we will be non-stop moving to Heco, ETH and other chains.

Our expectations: let Defibox become a one-stop DeFi platform. Everyone knows Defibox, everyone uses Defibox, everyone holds BOX tokens.

That’s it, thank you.

Q5: So, could you tell us what  your tokenomics are? Are all BOX tokens universal among all the chains?

Raven Defibox: According to the Defibox Whitepaper, total supply for BOX token is 5 million, the token issuance mechanism will make sure that the total box supply on all the chains will be ≤ 5 million.

Multi-chain transaction:

BOX token can be transferred on multi-chain, if a large amount of BOX token is transferred to other chains, the circulating supply of BOX token on EOS chain will be reduced tremendously.

Let’s understand it in this way:

BOX token on EOS+BSC + possible future HECO + possible future ETH + possible Matic, etc… < 5 million

And we also have buyback and burn, this will also reduce the supply of BOX

For your Information, Whitepaper 4.0V:

Q6: You talked about the 1st anniversary of Defibox, also a fresh launch on BSC yesterday. It was a day to be remembered. Could you talk about Genesis mining?

Raven Defibox: This time, Defibox bridges to BSC. We have made a lot of budget in the news media, community establishment, and KOLs cooperation. Recently, the price of BOX has continued to rise, indicating that many users are already holding BOX to prepare for tomorrow’s mining activities.

The specific mining content are as follows: The trading pairs we strongly promote are BNB-BOX, BNB-BUSD, BNB-USDT, USDT-BUSDT, BOX-BUSD, and some trading pairs can reach over 8000% APY. Moreover, as the number of people participating in mining increases, it is expected that the entire system will become a positive cycle. While the amount of total value locked increases sharply, the revenue will continuously increase, and the rate of return will be higher than the average level of the market in a while.

The purpose of this mining is very simple.

It is to let BSC users know that we are here, with our Swap, USN stable coin, and Lending;

We hope that BSC users will know Defibox, experience Defibox, fall in love with Defibox, and be willing to hold BOX.

Q7: Initial APY with 8000%+? That is crazy! How can I participate?

Raven Defibox: This is a mining tutorial, enter Defibox’s BSC homepage, participate in market making, and then you can start mining. Of course, if you want to participate in the mining of BOX trading pairs, it is better to buy BOX tokens first.

EOS Leading Project Defibox heading to BSC

Genesis Mining on 12:00, July 23, 2021


2nd Website:


 *Defibox is a leading DeFi project on EOS with Swap, Stablecoin and lending protocols. It has been operating safely for one year. Today, it is its 1st Anniversary, also the first day to join BSC. This genesis mining is very special, you can’t miss it! Defibox already cooperate with super KOL and famous media with full coverage.

Listed on many wallets already: TP, Math, Bitpie, Bikeep, Start, etc.

Q8: Can you talk about your important partners? And any new cooperation we can expect?

Raven Defibox: Previously, Defibox’s strategic partners mainly focused on the EOS ecosystem, such as TP wallet, imtoken wallet, PIZZA, OGX, Newdex, EOS nation, etc. In addition, as far as we know, these good projects on the EOS chain are also about to cross-chain to BSC, with synthetic assets, leverage protocol, etc. The partners have always been closely connected with Defibox, and their protocols are naturally complimentary with Defibox’s three major protocols. After everyone cross-chain to BSC together, it will be a continuation of cooperation.

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For let more people know us, we are also conducting more in-depth communication with top-tier exchanges and well-known investment institutions in the crypto circle. According to our 2021 plan, we are currently launching another top-tier exchange. At present, BOX has been launched on centralized exchanges such as OKex, Gate and HOO.

The Defibox Foundation has established the “Defibox Ecological Development Fund”. The operation will learn from and refer to the Ethereum Foundation and the Web3.0 Foundation, and provide financial support for community developers. With the three basic protocols of Defibox as the core, the development of “satellites” protocols to promote the comprehensive development of the Defibox ecosystem. This “Ecological Development Fund” is also applicable to BSC. We will encourage the development of “satellite” protocols on BSC, carry out imaginative protocol innovations, and enrich the diversity of the Defibox ecosystem.

Thank you, that’s it.

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome.

Q9: So, are there any airdrop activities to attract community users?

Raven Defibox: This time Defibox cross-chain to BSC, we have done a lot in the news media, community establishment, and the cooperation of the KOLs. Stay tuned to the official Twitter account @DefiboxOfficial and the account of cooperated KOLs, you will have the opportunity to get airdrop rewards for completing the simple tasks; this mining activity, the APY of starting mining is as high as 8000%, which is equivalent to one who can get rewards from the airdrop as long as you participate. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Q10: Finally. could you tell us more about your next move? Anything I can expect from Defibox this year?

Raven Defibox: According to our plan, we will launch the Lending system and Stable Coin system on BSC from August to September. Really achieve the BSC cross-chain of the three basic protocols. In addition, according to White Paper 4.0, we still have 7.5% of BOX as reserved application rewards. We will develop corresponding applications based on the progress of the project and the changes in the BSC ecosystem, and empower BOX to add value, and make Defibox the head DeFi platform on BSC.

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That’s it, thank you.

BSCdaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Defibox

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @ravenbox

Raven Defibox:  EOS Leading Project Defibox heading to BSC

Genesis Mining on 12:00, July 23, 2021


2nd Website:


*Defibox is a leading DeFi project on EOS with Swap, Stablecoin and lending protocols. It has been operating safely for one year. Today, it is its 1st Anniversary, also the first day to join BSC. This genesis mining is very special, you can’t miss it! Defibox already cooperate with super KOL and famous media with full coverage.

Listed on many wallets already: TP, Math, Bitpie, Bikeep, Start, etc.

Raven Defibox: Come and Mine!!! Big Win!!!

Thank you

BSCdaily – Admin: I’m sure We will

It was a pleasure having you guys @ravenbox

Raven Defibox: Thank you. My pleasure.

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Defibox

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