DeFi Privacy Redefined: Railgun Set for BSC Launch

Much to the delight of DeFi users, Railgun is launching on BSC

BSC is Railgun’s New Home

Railgun, a privacy-guarding, no-trust (private) ecosystem protocol, is set for its Binance Smart Chain (BSC) launch. Railgun is committed to protect DeFi users’ privacy. ‘Privacy on ETH’ has so far been the foundational focus of the Swiss-based anonymity-first Railgun system (built on-chain on Ethereum). Railgun is getting deployed on the BSC (in November 2021). Its newly built relayer network facilitates direct interactions with smart contracts, lending platforms, and DEXs. DeFi users are set to enjoy decentralized finance on two of the acclaimed platforms with strong privacy protection.

Incentives for Railgun Stakers

Staking and voting has been kept open on Railgun since June 30 (2021). RAIL tokens Stakers on Ethereum will now be airdropped BSC Railgun (BRAIL) tokens following two snapshots. August 31 (2021) was when the first snapshot took place, whereas on September 30 (2021), the second snapshot will take place. 

What’s Railgun’s X-Factor?

zk-Snark implementation is what sets Railgun apart. zk-Snark (a cryptographic encryption proof) stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge.” It lets an entity establish that they possess specific information without disclosing that information. Made possible via a secret key created prior to initiating the transaction. zk-Snark allows Railgun users to use smart contract interaction functionality without depending upon L2 solutions. Railgun entirely is a L1-built blockchain solution.

Railgun Roadmap for BSC Deployment

As per the roadmap, in December 2021, Railgun’s Polygon release will be done. Other EVM-compatible blockchains will also be subsequently considered.

Source : bsctimes

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