DeFi Power Ups with HiFi Gaming Society

The latest and most exciting invader to the competitive crypto gaming space

Neon lights. Sweaty palms. Click-clacking of button mashing. The dreadful mocking sound that the arcade cabinet made when losing your final life. That was retro gaming in arcades. Not headsets, professional gaming pads and hi-resolution graphics mixed with a million button combinations, and definitely not Esports events run like worldwide sporting extravaganzas. Sure, gaming competitions existed, but you probably had to hop on a plane and congress in some hall usually reserved for business conferences. But for people who experienced those times, it’s unforgettable.

And if the chance was there to compete, who wouldn’t?

That’s the dream being offered by decentralized retro gaming project HiFi DeFi Gaming as part of their exciting new ecosystem coming to Binance Smart Chain. The current DeFi space doesn’t offer serious gamers a pathway to professional gaming on the blockchain. This is where HiFi will step in to capitalize on this power pellet of an opportunity.


HiFi is convinced that gaming will become a prominent way of life within decentralized finance and their main goal is to build a journey for gamers on the blockchain. They want to help define what it means to be a ‘blockchain gamer’, building out the incentive model that currently exists between gamers, developers and studios. The goal is for HiFi’s platform to do for game developers, what YouTube did for video content creators. It is aiming to become a collaborative hub at the intersection of DeFi, gaming, yield farming, rights management, rewards and NFTs. This will create incredible cumulative value for every stakeholder in the open-world community of investors, traders, players, gamers, viewers, developers and studios.


Level One: How HiFi Got Here

With a team of founding members, developers, designers and marketing experts from across the States and globally, the HiFi team have worked tirelessly to reach the current stage of progress.

So far, to help achieve their goals: 

The platform front end, user interface and admin panel have been created

Twenty-five games integrated

Progress and reputation tracking system for user’s progress

The Initial Ape Offering on ApeSwap to raise funds and distribute HIFI tokens, which will be used in participation, governance and rewards.

The token sale—pre-empted by a marketing drive that included an interview with the founder on the ApeTV podcast—was a resounding success. For investors, they will relive their gaming past with HIFI tokens on the platform while making some money in the process, and for the HiFi team, the money raised in a 45x oversubscribed sale will greatly accelerate their roadmap. In terms of Mario jumping for the flag at the end of a Super Mario One level, the avatar has leapt out of and over the TV screen! And as it happens, Mario is strolling off the right side of the screen towards the exciting next level—the beta launch.

(Warp Tunnel to) Level Three: Beta Testing Program

Many projects say that they are a ‘community project’ but HiFi is asking early supporters to come and be an active part of it. Beginning on July 2, successful applicants on the website will be invited to try and ‘break the system’! Everything in the ecosystem will be put to the test—staking HIFI tokens on the platform for status, governance and rewards, testing an initial selection of five games and basically just button-mash every part of the site.

Shake the HiFi Gaming cabinet and tilt the pinball machine!

Bug reports will be rewarded so testers are encouraged to do their worst to help the developers improve the platform. This is all pertinent to making sure the blockchain elements of the project work as they should, produce the rewards as they are expected to, and are embedded into the ecosystem.

Feedback and bug reporting will be conducted through the Discord channel—apply soon so you don’t want to miss out on the bunch of coins that were through the pipe you just decided to jump over.

Final Boss: Future Challenges and Aspirations

The HiFi team are very aware of the obstacles in merging crypto and gaming—while looking like a natural fit, they are still effectively two very independent worlds on their own. The team want to create a value chain that extends beyond just looking at the token price. Analysing user data to improve the product and increase user adoption seems like an obvious business approach, and there is clear evidence of this with what this team has already achieved. But the hard work is only just beginning.

Convincing gamers to take up crypto needs more than just giving them token rewards and HiFi know this. To this end, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with gaming utility and exclusivity will be part of the token ecosystem as well. The idea of NFTs is probably more relatable to gamers who might have spent money on character skins or downloadable content and having these NFTs will increase their chances of earning more rewards from HiFi games.

The endgame is adoption, and it all plays into one simple constant—participation. Playing the games and earning rewards is the health bar, but the EXP comes from competition and ranking against other gamers. HiFi will be the source for blockchain gamers who love viewing their win rate, kill statistics and other performance data. The better your numbers, the higher your rewards, and the greater your standing and ranking in the crypto gaming world that HiFi is trying to create.

It’s a world in which you may have already been a part of many years ago and now you can bring back into your current life. But now, when the words ‘GAME OVER’ scroll down to mock you once more, just flick another HIFI quarter into the coin slot, then go again.

And again.

And again.

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