DeFi Investors Continue to View High-Risk Micro-Cap Tokens on Analytics Sites

The love affair between crypto users and micro-cap tokens seems to know no limit, but that doesn’t make these coins make smart investments.

One Love

Micro-cap tokens continue to catch the eye of crypto investors on analytics sites. Some of the tokens which are generating the most interest on CoinMarketCap (CMC) include meme tokens. At time of press the ‘most viewed’ coin on the site is Tiki Token $TIKI.

Tiki token is a micro-cap token which allows its users to hold $TIKI but earn $BNB, the native token of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). According to Tiki, it is currently the ‘biggest BNB reflection token’ in the ecosystem with rewards paid on the hour. At the same time the ‘highest trending’ token is Cumrocket $CUMMIES, an adult content crypto.

“Purchase adult content, subscribe, message and tip your favourite adult stars using our native token, $CUMMIES!” – wrote the Cumrocket sales pitch.

While the sale pitch of Cumrocket may be garnering significant interest, whether it can sustain that interest and convert it into long term financial viability remains to be seen. Some topics have popularity that stand the test of time and can attract users in all spaces.

CumRocket is looking to ratchet up market interest |Source

Most Viewed Coins on CoinMarketCap

Below are listed the top coins of CMC this past week.

TikiToken – It’s Tiki time! 

Ethereum Chain Token – The most 100% genuine not actually anything to do with the real Ethereum token on Ethereum.

Catgirls – You can finally own an NFT catgirl, if owning an NFT catgirl is relevant to your personal interests. Go ahead, we’re not shaming you.

RichQuack – A get-rich-quack scheme. 5% transaction fees and deflationary tokenomics.

ZooKeeper – Gamifying yield farming. Aiming to bring fun and profit in one package.

XRP – a major player. Has generated a lot of interest from trade workers and the SEC.

Bitcoin – the original micro-cap gem.

Cardano – Now a major player.

Shiba Token – One of the more successful Shiba Inu projects. This one has demonstrated longevity and utility.

Dogecoin – Musk’s favorite

Not All Shitcoins

Although many altcoins – or shitcoins as they are frequently referred to – have micro-caps, that is not always the case. One of the most viewed shitcoins on CoinMarketCap is XRP, which currently has a market cap of $8 billion. Perennial powerhouse Bitcoin also makes an appearance. 

The crypto market can be very fickle, and it is common to see coins come and go. It’s hard to catch a token before it rises, but we can usually catch the fallout. Be sure to watch out for any scams and rug pulls.

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