DeFi-Focused SheepDEX to Boost Liquidity on BSC

First-ever DEX integrating Spots and Derivatives on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), SheepDEX is poised “to be decentralized Binance.” A concentrated liquidity DEX, Certik-audited SheepDEX is about to alter your DEX trading experience.

Launched officially on October 10, 2021, SheepDex is a new player in the DeFi game. Still, it is already well-acknowledged as a key project in the entire BSC ecosystem. SheepDEX has developed various innovative functions, making triple incentives available to users.

Decentralized SheepDEX’s efficient and exclusive features still unavailable in BSC include:

Range Orders

Flexible Fees

Multiple LP Rewards

Low Fees

Cross-chain Compatibility

Order Splitting

SheepDEX is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation platform that integrates spot and derivatives on BSC. SheepDEX is committed to enable DeFi’s ‘Universal Market Access.’ A V3 (AMM) protocol, SheepDEX lets users avail LP rewards plus transaction mining rewards. At the same time, liquidity providers (LPs) make available funds per their preferred price range in trading pairs.

Transaction fund providers are also duly rewarded to enhance fund utilization and efficiency. SheepDEX provides various fee tiers (0.1%, 0.2%, and 0.5%), giving LPs enough flexibility and market-making avenues. With the Total Value Locked (TVL) being US$24.19M, SheepDEX’s 24H Trading Volume is US$23.29M, as of this writing.

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