DeFi 2.0 Platform iBeeFinance Explained

The platform claims to offer safe and easy optimization for yield farming.

Introducing iBeeFinance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is filled with terms like vaults, yields, APY, auto-compounding and flash loan attacks. It can be difficult to differentiate between the plethora of new projects popping up in the space. iBeeFinance seeks to stand out from the pack with its approach to DeFi.

iBeeFinance is DeFi 2.0 (Next Generation DeFi), a yield optimizer that claims to provide users with an easy and safe way to maximize their yield farming income.   iBeeFinance claims to be revolutionizing the Defi industry by using mainly single asset vaults. They are adding LP farming with IL (Impermanent Loss) protection to help farmers keep their earnings and eliminate much of the risk to their principal.


How iBeeFinance Works

iBeeFinance specializes in yield optimization which changes the old sliding rate model into a new more stable return. In addition, they have added LP farming that comes with enhanced security with the introduction of IL protection. This makes the farmers’ earnings more secure by eliminating many of the risks to their principal. A few months ago, iBee Finance launched some single vaults on BNB Chain with high paying yields.

iBee has not yet launched its native coin. The project is still in the very early stages of development and will soon launch its native coin. After the launch, the team claims the vaults will pay higher rewards. This is due to paying out 3 separate coins for depositing in the vaults, which will increase the overall APR significantly according to the team.

Below are the vault rates with their pre-launch attributes:

Staking Vault Limit – 50k per address

7-day average APR is stable with low volatility 

Check out the rates below as of April 20th, 2022 

Single Asset Vaults (Without IL)

1.  Cake: 115.13% APR

2.  BUSD: 35.21% APR

3.  USDT: 35.40% APR

4.  ETH: 17.98% APR

5.  BTCB: 15.77% APR

6.  BANANA: 45.23% APR

7.  USDC: 36.77% APR

LP Asset Vaults

1.  BELT-BNB: 25.29% APR

2.  CAKE-BNB LP: 167.14% APR

Eliminating Losses

iBeeFinance vaults both eliminate IL and optimize a stable return. The seven-day average APR is accurate and has low volatility.  

The results have been tested over a long period of time, ensuring that users will receive a stable income. The $CAKE token has also been engineered to be an additional part of the APY.

$CAKE has volatility but the overall APY will increase since this is a bonus reward. $CAKE rewards are released every 7 days and must be harvested. If a withdrawal is made before 7 days no $CAKE rewards will be received. 

In Summary

iBeeFinance claims to be a gem amongst the sea of DeFi platforms out there, seeking to address all the issues listed above. They make mention of IL protection which is basically insurance to protect against losing principal. They have started with stable coin vaults and are adding more popular coin vaults everyday. The APYs on their vaults are also extremely stable and do not drop over time like all the vaults did in Defi 1.0. So, when it comes to Defi 2.0 iBee Finance wants to be “Synonymous with Security and Stable APYs”.

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