Decentral Games Sells Out ICE Wearables, Native $DG Token Soaring

The metaverse by Decentral continues to grow into an unavoidable party!

Decentral Sells Out NFT Wearables

Following an impressive showing at the NFT.NYC event over the first weekend of November, Decentral Games, has seen its token price, market cap, and popularity increase rapidly. Decentral Games is taking on the metaverse by driving the future of crypto and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming adoption.

Decentral Games began minting the genesis wearable add-ons to their ICE Poker NFTs last week on Oct. 28. The wearables sold out in 40 minutes, and in just over a week, the floor price has gone 14x (over $5000 USD). Impressively, over 85,000 users have descended on the platform, and the waitlist to join has been growing into the hundreds. The market cap has also grown significantly from $14 million to over $60 million.

“[O]ne critique of the metaverse and @decentraland to date has been that it’s empty b/c we’re early. now, since the launch of @DecentralGames $ICE Poker and play-to-earn incentives, there are 150-200 concurrent players online in a single venue, 24/7 [Rocket emoji] gl finding a spot at a table!” wrote founder and project lead Miles Anthony.

Behind the work of Anthony and the team, Decentral Games is becoming the go-to casino for the metaverse. The virtual casino is filling up with attendees by players looking to get that feeling of a night at the tables, or in front of the slots, without leaving their homes. And the gains seem worth it: some users are reporting earning 10x that of Axie Infinity in a single day.

Decentral Games also made itself front and centered this past weekend during the NYC.NFT event, which saw the platform plaster their name and likeness across Times Square. Anthony also gave a featured speaking event about “Driving Metaverse Adoption with Play-to-Earn,” on the event’s final day.

P2E gaming is now all the rage now across crypto, and Decentral appears at the center. Success in the industry–and many industries– is the ability to create that niche product for the right audience. P2E and poker are proving to be a lucrative and popular combination. 


About Decentral Games

Decentral Games is a DAO-governed metaverse casino powered by the native token $DG. Players have the opportunity to earn $DG for playing games, LPs earn $DG for providing liquidity, and holders earn $DG for participating in the governance of the casino house funds treasury. Its metaverse construction has been inspirational for many who seek to evolve the nature of entertainment and social experience.

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