Decentral Games & Amnesia Ibiza Event Garnered Thousands of Users for a New Type of Nightlife

The metaverse is open for a good time, and there appears to be plenty waiting to enter.

Great Night Out on Decentral Games

Decentral Games played host to the biggest party ever hosted on the metaverse over the past weekend, and it was undoubtedly a fiesta to remember. 

The team has exclusively revealed that there were just shy of 3,000 guests in attendance at the ‘superclub’ event partnered with the legendary nightclub Amnesia Ibiza. Users dove into the metaverse to transcend international barriers and digitally dance the day away.

“We unveiled our vision for the future of nightlife in style with the world’s most iconic DJs in a 12-hour metaverse music festival,” the team explained on Tuesday, via official Twitter

Source – Exclusive Provided by DG

The aforementioned iconic performers included global trance music star Paul Van Dyk, Anfisa Letyago, and the hugely popular DJ Benny Benassi. The three names alone that combine to form a listenership into the hundreds of millions will have done much to bring attention to the capabilities of Decentral Games.  

These capabilities were certainly on display. As the world continues serious lockdown restrictions, they managed to attract many people to an event that would otherwise have been near impossible to piece together. 

Attendees poured in from several continents as the event went on for 12 hours.

Source – Exclusive Provided by DG

The evening in question elucidates a conversation that has long been going on regarding what the metaverse can offer us. It was carried out in such a successful manner, and without a technological glitch, so there will be plenty looking to fathom their own conceptualizations within the metaverse. 

Performers from around the world who have likely had to bear the financial brunt of not being able to put on live shows will also have been excitedly watching on as Decentral Games exemplified itself as more than capable.

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