DCIP (Decentralized Community Investment Protocol)

A platform that offers endless investment opportunities driven by users’ decisions.

Introducing DCIP Finance: A Platform of Endless Investment Opportunities 

Decentralized Community Investment Protocol (DCIP) is a fully decentralized investment fund where token holders decide on the investments, bringing power back to the people. In essence, the protocol’s token holders have the license to determine fully the type of investments they would love the protocol to make. This includes crypto assets, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), precious metals, or even real estate. 

Holders who meet specific criteria can create a proposal on DCIP for users to vote. Token holders can vote on the type of investment proposals they want the protocol to invest in. Users’ token balance represents their share in the percentage of profit from the investment. Thus, the higher the number of tokens, the bigger the voting power and profit percentage. 

In short, DCIP is a community-driven investment hedge fund built on the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with cross-chain investment on the ERC-20 network. 


How Does DCIP Work? 

As already stated, the community has the right to vote on proposals through the protocol’s Decentralized Application (DApp) and earn passive income in $BNB or $BUSD. The more tokens held, the larger the voting power, and hence, much more profit. 

Users can create proposals by having at least 80 Billion of the protocol’s native $DCIP token. If the proposal is accepted by the community through voting, and is successfully liquidated in the future, the proposal creator would receive an additional 2.5% profit on top of the average reward. 

First Investment as a Service Platform

DCIP is the first Investment as a Service (IaaS) fund on BSC, offering numerous unique features to ensure that users enjoy one of the best Decentralized Finance (DeFi) experiences. 

Built In Voting: DCIP has a voting system to ensure that the community makes all decisions. Thus, the protocol’s investments are entirely driven by the community’s votes.  

Anti-whale Mechanism: The DCIP smart contract has a built-in maximum. The maximum transaction is pegged at 0.1% of the total supply of $DCIP

Punishment Tax: All $DCIP sales within 24 hours of holding will attract a 7% extra tax distributed to holders. This feature was created to punish bots or other speculators while rewarding holders who hold their tokens for 24 hours. 

Passive Income By Investment: Whenever DCIP makes returns from the community-driven investments, users obtain rewards. However, the percentage of rewards obtained depends on the number of tokens a user has. 

DCIP Making Huge Progress in the DeFi Industry 

Since launching its profit-making service in August 2021, DCIP has experienced significant growth across the entire DeFi space. The protocol now boasts several successful investment liquidations on projects like Horizon Protocol, Wrapped Ether, Telcoin, SaveYourAssets, among others. More funds are being accumulated via the community investment wallet to invest in new projects. 

Furthermore, the protocol has seen insane growth recently, causing the need to migrate to a new server. DCIP, on November 10th, tweeted about its migration due to the large influx of users. 

“Due to the insane amount of new holders in the last few days, we are migrating our website and dApp to a more future-proof and stable environment. Stay tuned!” the tweet announced about the protocol’s intentions. 

Moving forward, the protocol is set to commence new marketing campaigns to expand even more in the industry, ensuring that its unique use case is known by numerous individuals worldwide. 

Final Thoughts 

DCIP gives users absolute power, meaning that the protocol’s investment is confined to the decision of token holders. With this in mind, the fully decentralized investment service protocol would invest in whatever the community wants, offering them a platform of endless possibilities. 

Through the easy voting process, users earn income, which is increased by holding more $DCIP tokens. In short, DCIP is a platform of endless investment opportunities where the people have ultimate power. 

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