DalmatianInu Finance To Launch Cross-Chain DEX with NFT’s and more

2021 is considered as the year of decentralized finance in the crypto ecosystem. Truly, the space has witnessed unprecedented growth since its inception even as it broaches the terrain of the mainstream sector. However, this growth has not been without the contribution of solid projects, including DeFi protocols launched across various blockchains. 

DalmatianInu aims to join the train of solid projects with its defi protocol that introduces for the first time in the space, a static mega rewards feature. As that alone may not appeal, DalmatianInu Finance decided to add other features to present its growing community with a range of options to pick from as they interact with the protocol. These features include auto liquidity pool, Buy back mechanism and unique marketing strategies and lastly, an NFT marketplace.

Dalmatian Inu Finance is launching a cross-chain decentralized exchange that will integrate all the features above. Members of the community will be able to perform activities such as staking, liquidity provision, crypto gaming, NFT trading and also participate in the governance process with the help of $DALMI, the protocol’s native token that can be staked and swapped for other tokens as well. 

Why DalmatianInu Finance?

The team behind Dalmatian Inu project are set to change the face of decentralized finance by introducing a secured and user-friendly protocol devoid of bugs and invulnerable to hacks and exploits, which have become a major challenge investors and DeFi enthusiasts face. While there are juicy perks and a plethora of benefits investors are exposed to, there is no hedge against the few problems they encounter. This is what Dalmatian Inu Finance aims to address- protecting investors from loss of funds or manipulations by whales and greedy venture capitalists who have infiltrated the space with their traditional finance-like strategies.

Dalmatian Inu Finance will draw its strength and support from the growing community, and not any VC nor any whale or powerful figure. Instead, the community would constitute a powerful figure. The Dalmatian community is democratized such that everyone has an input – no less is sidelined because of his financial standing or where he comes from. Everyone is equal in the community, including the devs. 


Most of our activities will revolve around the $DALMI token. In the first instance, the community would be able to access the token when we begin our presale. Afterwards, the community can gain unrestricted access to the token after Pancakeswap listing.

$DALMI has a total supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens, with a circulating supply of 715 Trillion. To show our sincerity, the DalmatianInu will be in possession of 0% $DALMI token. So the community will have less to worry about rugpulls or honeypots.

285 Trillion will be burned and gone forever!

During our presale, any funds we raise, 50% of it will be locked as liquidity for a year on DxSale. 

DalmatianInu prides itself as a large-scale automated rewarding DeFi protocol. So rather than allowing you to be involved in the staking process after the first instance, DalmatianInu decided to simplify this process for its community and other users with the help of smart contracts who keep track of pools and automate rewards from them. The Dalmatian community will be able to stake $DALMI tokens.

Public sale 60% 

liquidity 10% (liquidity grows every second from tax)

Burn 28.5% (burn for ever)

Team and foundation 0% (no team or dev tokens fair and secure)

Dxsale fee 1% (pre-sale hosted by Dxsale for maximum security and reputation)

Why You Should Buy $DALMI 

$DALMI is DalmatianInu Finance’s native and governance token. The token has potential because of the functionalities the team has in store for it. Reasons why you should buy and hodl $DALMI include;

Safety and Security

The secret for any 10x token lies in how safe and secure it is. Dalmatian devs do not plan to sacrifice these two essential features for anything. As such, as measures to preserve and sustain the token – Dalmatian will lock liquidity for $DALMI for a year.  2.5% of transaction fees are likewise added locked liquidity, thereby allowing for less volatility and price spike.

Professional Team

The team behind the DalmatianInu project consists of individuals with wealth of experience in the industry that will help us attain our goals.


DalmatianInu boasts of a burgeoning ecosystem comprising passionate community members who believe in our vision. In fact, the project is owned by the community, and not the devs.

Deflationary Mechanism 

$DALMI tokens are subjected to a deflationary process which starts from buying back tokens, then they are sent to a burning pit and destroyed forever. This reduces the circulating supply of the token and causes a price spike as soon as demand increases.

Whale Proof

This unique feature will protect DalmatianInu and the $DALMU from the greed and manipulations of Whale. Integrated into the protocol is a mechanism that prevents users from buying more than 0.005 of the total supply. So this is a project owned by the community and promoted by the community itself.


DalmationInu will have a presale on August 9th via the DxSale.app.




Softcap: 600 BNB

Hardcap: 1200 BNB

Min buy: 0.01 BNB 

Max buy: 5 BNB

Presale price: 

1 BNB = 514,800,000,000 $DALMI

Be aware of Fake address or links.

Join us on our social media channels:

Website: Dalmatianinu.Finance

Twitter: twitter.com/INU_Dalmatian

Telegram: t.me/Dalmatian_InuOfficial

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