Dali – NFT-Centered Ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

With elements of GameFi, metaverse, and NFTs, the project titles itself as a ‘built by artists, for artists’ platform.

Introducing Dali

Dali is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project focused around a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace and ecosystem. Dali’s primary initial focus was to build an NFT marketplace that benefited artists, according to their website. The project is currently expanding into a variety of other NFT-related features, including GameFi, a metaverse, and a specialized NFT collection.

The Dali ecosystem is powered by DALI, and their smart contracts have been audited by Solidproof. 

The DaliNFT Marketplace

The DaliNFT marketplace is an upcoming next generation marketplace that was built by artists, for artists according to their team. The marketplace will offer a user-friendly UI that makes the NFT creation process as simple as a few clicks. Dali will use what they refer to as ‘preservation centers’ to certify the original artwork, which can then be minted into NFTs. This process helps to maintain a believable pricing for art, which has been an issue for NFT artwork and its reputation in the past.

NFT auctions will be held frequently on the platform, generating profit for artists as well as holders of DALI. If artists are looking to display their work without auctioning it off, they will also be able to hold virtual 3D exhibits on the platform. 

Along with providing a place to distribute art, Dali will also provide a place for celebrities and fans to connect. NFTs will be used as the carrier for artwork, film and television announcements, memorials, and music sales and releases according to their whitepaper.

NFTs from artists, the DaliMetaverse, DaliGames, and the DaliNFT collection will all be available for purchase on the platform. The marketplace will go live in around two months – the Dali team has provided this demo to give investors a sneak preview of what is to come!

DaliNFT Collection

The DaliNFT collection is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will be privy to exclusive benefits in the Dali ecosystem, including special features in the DaliMetaverse, DaliGames, and DaliNFT marketplace. 

The DaliNFT collection will be released alongside the marketplace. This is set for about 2 months away, so mark your calendar if you are interested!


Blockchain gaming was one of the hottest trends in cryptocurrency during 2021, and the Dali team seeks to capitalize on this momentum with their own DaliGames. The project will use NFTs from its DaliNFT collection in gameplay, which will also provide extra benefits for players.

DaliGames is currently slated for release sometime during 2022. The Dali team will be providing more details as the game gets closer to launch.

A Full Ecosystem

With their next-generation NFT marketplace, plans to enter the GameFi industry, a work-in-progress metaverse, and an incentive-laden NFT collection, Dali is building a full-scale NFT ecosystem. 

While the NFT market is heavily saturated, the Dali team believes their variety of features can help separate them from the pack. For NFT fans and believers, the project’s growth could be worth following throughout 2022.

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