CZ Rocks Paris Blockchain Summit – Potential Binance HQ in France

Binance CEO CZ has been active in establishing Binance’s global influence.

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Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ, was in France for the Paris Blockchain Week and rumors are swirling as the Binance CEO may have his eyes set on a Binance global HQ for France. 

CZ has been working on trying to establish a Binance operation with French regulators to become a digital asset service provider, according to a piece by Mathieu Rosemain in Reuters. This comes after several other regulators issued warnings about Binance operating illegally within their jurisdictions and one went as far as banning Binance altogether. Despite all of this, Rosemain points out that it was CZ in late 2021 that pushed the idea of France becoming the global HQ. 

Speaking at the Paris Blockchain Week, CZ remarked: 

“France has some very pro-business, pro-crypto regulations and also just (the) government’s attitude towards this industry…has been phenomenal.”

The same Reuters piece outlines a few more interesting points regarding CZ’s ambitions. Firstly being a reported 100 million euro investment in France. The next includes a Reuters investigation in January of this year that found Binance had at one point withheld relevant information from regulators. 

CZ also happened to have a blooper moment on stage when the backdrop nearly fell on him. 

While it remains unclear where the Binance-French relationship will go, CZ and Binance have been active in the last several months securing other geo-locations. They recently secured an operating license in Dubai and prior to that had received approval to operate in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In South America, Binance signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Brazil to develop the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. 

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