CZ Reveals 6 Reasons Why Binance Backs Musk’s Twitter Acquisition

The six reasons why Binance supports Musk’s acquisition of Twitter focus on free speech plus user experiences and business improvements.

CZ Tweets Reasons for Twitter Support

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted his six reasons why Binance supports Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter. The flurry of tweets outlined Binance’s support to help solve some major problems that they see existing on the platform.

CZ first noted the support of free speech and Twitter’s role as the global town square in the Nov. 4 thread. Twitter has been under fire for – arguably – using an ad hoc censorship model that famously blocked former US President Donald Trump.

The thread also outlined Binance’s support for the development of the popular social media platform. Despite saying that there is no concrete plan for any approach in his final tweet, CZ used three reasons to explain Binance’s support for entrepreneurship, a proper business model for Twitter (which CZ believes Musk can implement well), and, most importantly, Web3 integration.

So many burning questions arise from the Web3 integration alone! Will users be able to spend crypto through the platform? Pay for verification checks in Dogecoin? Will we get BNB integration options? Will BNB Chain be a preferred blockchain?

As the largest crypto-exchange in the world and parent company of BNB Chain, the most active blockchain by users, among other metrics, Binance can play a vital role in helping bring Web3 integration to Twitter. With a $500 million investment in Musk’s acquisition, Binance will surely play that role.

The overall sentiment of the tweets shows Binance’s commitment to helping improve Twitter and turn the platform around. Looking to emphasize the user experience as well with the removal of bots and an edit option, Binance and CZ are only getting started in what will be a long-term partnership to grow and improve Twitter.

What is Binance:

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