Cylum Finance: A Sustainable Auto-Staking, Compounding And Burning Protocol

Cylum Finance is a protocol built as a Launchpad for Metaverse projects on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is Cylum Finance?

Cylum Finance is a protocol built as a Launchpad for Metaverse projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The Cylum Auto-Staking Protocol (CYM) is a ground-breaking financial protocol that streamlines and improves staking while also delivering the most consistent crypto returns. Cylum provides a decentralized financial asset that pays users a sustainable fixed compound interest model using its unique CYM technology.

For the coming days, Cylum is planning to integrate nested NFTs and provide value to the metaverse by modifying and enhancing the functionality of virtual products. Here are major components of Cylum Finance Ecosystem:

Cylum Launchpad

Cylum launchpad is an excellent option for metaverse projects that want to put everything they have into the market. The project’s launchpad will be a platform that links people with all of the necessary qualifications to a single market instance. To debut an instance in the bitcoin market, projects must often follow a series of steps, and Cylum Launchpad makes it easier by building efficient technological setups and partnerships/fundings.

Cylum Blockchain

The Cylum blockchain is an important part of the NFT and crypto industries. They can handle multiple processes at once. The blockchain is one of the most important inventions of our time. The focus of Cylum technology will be on technologies that outperform Web3 technology.

Cylum Token

This Cylum ecosystem is powered and driven by the native utility token $CYM. It uses CYM algorithm for auto-staking and has compounding potential. The toke has the market’s largest fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of 395,677 percent for the first year, according to Cylum Finance.

Cylum Metaverse

The Cylum Metaverse, a decentralized, user-friendly environment, is a token for blockchain-based games in the metaverse. Users can buy, sell, and claim a variety of NFTs, such as virtual land plots. The NFT marketplace and UGC gaming technologies are both proprietary to Cylum. Gamers can buy land and property to improve their online gaming experiences.

What is unique in Cylum Finance?

Cylum Finance has various elements that set it apart from the competition. Unlike other FaaS projects, which store their funds in native chain tokens like BNB/ETH/FTM, the funds are held in BUSD, guaranteeing that they can only appreciate in value and are unhindered by market dynamics.

Higher APY: CYLUM offers a fixed APY of 395,677% compared to LIBERO’s fixed APY of 158,893.59% and TITANO’s fixed APY of 102,483.58%.

Automatic Compounding Rewards: By integrating multi-chain staking and the Auto Compounding Protocol, Cylum’s cypher funds will grow exponentially per year. The team believes it can support an APY more than X2 higher than LIBERO while remaining sustainable.

Rug-proof: The contract has no minting code for CYLUM. Unlike Titano, Cylum dev cannot rug by minting billions of tokens for themselves, no matter how hard they try.

Fully decentralized, Auto-Compounding Rewards: The CYLUM contract’s auto-compounding incentive is coded locally, thus there’s no need for an outside rebase call, and it can’t be hacked or affected by centralized issues.

High Liquidity per circulating supply ratio for whale dumping: The project’s liquidity/circulating supply ratio is 2.5 times higher than LIBERO, implying that everyone is protected 2.5 times better when a whale dumps and lowers the price.

Automatic Burn: At launch, 2% of the total circulating supply will be burned automatically. Based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm, this proportion will change over time. The burn computation will be adjusted daily based on the number of holders and the number of tokens they own.

Cylum Mainnet

The Cylum Mainnet will launch with a multi-chain Decentralized app that includes features such as speed farming, token and liquidity locking, NFT minting, general token mining, and more. The $CYM tokens will be the Mainnet’s driving force.

Mainnet $CYM coins will be delivered to investors who want to optimize their earnings on the CYLUM system during the Mainnet offering, which will take place at a later date to be disclosed.

Cylum Token (CYM)

CYLUM is a hyper deflationary utility token by cylum Finance. It is hard capped at $5 billion and 2% has already burned at the launch. $CYM holders would be able to earn as much as 395,677% in one year.

Token Distribution

Benefits to $CYM Holders 

CYM protocol, which is integrated within the Cylum token, provides amazing benefits to $CYM holders:

Cylinder: The cylinder acts as a reserve and backup for the market price, ensuring price stability.

Simple and Secure Staking: The Cylum coin is never transferred to a third party or central authority because it is always stored in user’s wallet. All they have to do is buy and hold, as they will receive rewards directly in their wallet, removing the need for any additional time-consuming staking.

Rapid Interest Payments: Every minute, the Cylum System compensates all holders of Cylum Tokens, making it the world’s fastest auto-compounding system.

Chimney: The Cylum Protocol’s automatic token burn scheme, which maintains the circulating supply from becoming unmanageable, is one of the most exciting parts of the protocol. At Lunch, the chimney burns 2% of total Cylum Token circulation, with the remaining percentages being held aside for burning throughout time.


Cylum aims to make it big and provide huge rewards to the holders of the $CYM token. To know more about the project, check the links below: 






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