CyberKongz Ape Into The Sandbox

Ape-like avatars from the NFT project will start to roam around The Sandbox Metaverse sometime in the third Alpha season.

NFTs Coming to Season 3

CyberKongz, a popular 2D/3D Social NFT Avatar project, will soon be available in Ethereum metaverse blockchain game The Sandbox.

In a tweet on Aug. 21, the CyberKongz team announced that all VX Kongz will be playable on The Sandbox sometime during the third Alpha season. This means that owners of these NFTs will be able to explore The Sandbox using their ape-like avatars and get the opportunity to earn some $SAND.

“At some point in Season 3, we will finally be able to run around using our VX,” Henry The Grape announced on the CyberKongz Discord Server. “We are hearing it will be towards the middle of the season, and we are super excited to see our community running around in the metaverse.”

CyberKongz joins 12 other NFT collections that will have interoperability with The Sandbox ecosystem. Among these collections are Bored Ape Yacht Club, Aoki, Doggies and Cool Cats. Top ranking players based on the leaderboard will receive a portion of the total pool of 1.5 million $SAND for this season.

Ranking for the leaderboards will based on Ethos Points (EPs), which are earned from completing various quests inside the game. Check out The Sandbox’s Medium post for more details.

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