CyBall Set To Kick Off Native Token

The BNB Chain PlayToEarn blockchain gaming project gives details on the listing of, and explains how to claim their native token, $CBT.

$CBT Rewards Claiming

CyBall, a BNB Chain PlayToEarn GameFi project, recently released their native token $CBT through gameplay rewards and a listing on a decentralized exchange.

The team behind the turn based football simulation game released a tweet through their official twitter account on March 8. In the tweet, CyBall added a link that explains how the community can redeem their $CBT rewards, as well as information on the listing of the native token.

“We’re just under 5 hours away from $CBT launch and the first claim. Please ensure that you have read about this simple process and have requested your rewards 15 minutes before the claim period is live,” CyBall wrote in a twitter post.


The community must ensure that their wallets are connected to the CyBall ecosystem first and foremost. Players can then request a claim at least once every seven days and wait for the approval of their $CBT claim. Once the request is approved, you will see a “Ready Claim” notification under the status column of their rewards tab. Players can select the “Claim” button under the actions column to claim their $CBT rewards. A side note is that players need to make sure their wallets have enough $BNB to cover the gas fees for this transaction.

The CyBall team also gave information about the listing of $CBT on PancakeSwap. A $BNB and $CBT liquidity pair was added a few moments before the first claim of $CBT.

Check out CyBall’s blog post to get a more detailed view on how to claim your $CBT rewards.

A Growing Community

A few weeks after the successful launch of their PlayToEarn game, CyBall has steadily seen its user base increase. Yield guilds that partnered with CyBall have been openly recruiting scholars to play the game. Cyball has made partnerships with GuildFi, Japan Gaming Guild, Yield Guild Games, and other gaming groups in the space. 


Guilds like GuildFi, and Ancient 8 have been actively looking for scholars, with the former opening around 200 spots for scholars to play CyBall. Yield Guild Games, on the other hand, has recently announced that they have over a thousand scholars playing CyBall across all their sub DAOs.

“Congrats to the fam! We’re ready to dominate the stadium with @CyBallOfficial About to hit 1k scholars in a few,” YGG tweeted out.

What Is Cyball? 

Cyball is a PlayToEarn blockchain football gaming project built on the BNB Chain. Players called Cyblocs are of different classes, have different traits, and possess unique skill sets that help the team win the match. Its ecosystem features a marketplace, a loan platform, as well as a decentralized exchange within the project’s economy.

Where to find Cyball:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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