Cyball Releases Development Update with Guild Focus

The Football PlayAndEarn protocol introduces guild leaderboards to their metaverse.

One Team One Guild

Cyball presented its development update to its community, introducing guild leaderboards and improving the user interface for users playing in groups.

The team behind the GameFi project built on the BNB Chain looks to introduce a guild leaderboards system to be used moving forward. The guild leaderboard—announced through an April 29 tweet—aims to track the performance of a guild within the current season based on the win/loss ratio and the total number of participating CyBlocs. It will then rank the guilds based on their overall score. 

“Ever since the kick-off of CyBall Guild League Season 1 on April 11th, scholars have been battling it out, representing each guild to etch their name in CyBall history by climbing to the top of the leaderboard,” reads an April 29 blog post. “CyBall will host a Guild League season every now and then, and each season will have its own stories of victory and of triumph. Guild Leagues are where the top gaming guilds within CyBall compete against each other to collect $CYB and to be crowned champion of that season.”


The contribution of every CyBloc belonging to a guild that has played at least one match in a season will be counted towards the win/loss calculations of the guild leaderboard system. 35,000 $CYB will be distributed to the top 32 guilds when the season finishes. The third placer will get 2,500 $CYB, the second placer gets 4,500 $CYB, while the top guild goes home with 8,000 $CYB.

Guild verification will now be verified based on the number of CyBlocs held or mentored by the guild. This gives incentives to guilds that are heavily invested in and trusted CyBall by being supporters of the platform. A Cyball verified guild gives access to different benefits given by the team. This includes a guild badge, access to Cyball information and data, access to a private channel for guilds, invite-only guild tournaments, and other benefits.

Check out Cyball’s blog post for more details about the update.

What Is Cyball:

Cyball is a PlayToEarn blockchain football gaming project built on the BNB Chain. Players called Cyblocs are of different classes, have different traits, and possess unique skill sets that help the team win the match. Its ecosystem features a marketplace, a loan platform, as well as a decentralised exchange within the project’s economy.

Where to find Cyball:

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