CyBall Recaps the Past Year

CyBloc Mutation headlines future releases for the Cyborg Football blockchain game.

CyBall Looks Back

CyBall, a futuristic PlayandEarn blockchain game on BNB Chain, reflected on the past 12 months with its community.

The team shared their journey since the project was first envisioned in June 2021 with a tweet on May 26. CyBall launched the world’s first triple IGO event in November before releasing an Alpha on January 17. The game officially launched a month later and is now in the middle of its second Royal Rumble guild league season. The team is, however, excited for the game’s future, which starts with CyBloc Mutation.

“We’re going to introduce mutants which are skins within the game,” Kevin Bui, Cyball CoFounder and head of design, told BSC News in an AMA session. “Mutants can add boost to the characters. The characters within the game have stats that are upgraded level by level. These skins are additional stat boosts [to the characters].”


Mutant skins will be sold for $CBT, a design that the team hopes to be one of the major burning events of the token. The team also anticipates 5v5 gameplay as one of the key features because the additional two CyBlocs can change the game’s dynamics. Key features like custom rooms, training modes, leagues, and tournaments are also in the pipeline, while Stadiums will be developed once these are rolled out.

Check out our AMA session with CyBall or their Medium post for more details.

What is Cyball:

Cyball is a PlayToEarn blockchain football gaming project built on the BNB Chain. Players called Cyblocs are of different classes, have different traits, and possess unique skill sets that help the team win the match. Its ecosystem features a marketplace, a loan platform, as well as a decentralized exchange within the project’s economy.

Where to find Cyball:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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