Cyball PlayToEarn Game Ready For Kick-Off

The BNB Chain P2E blockchain project reported 6,000 players competing on their field within the first twenty-four hours of the launch.

The Match Is About To Start 

Cyball, a PlayToEarn (P2E) blockchain project on BNB Chain, recently kicked off with the launch of their game.

The team announced the game going live through its Twitter account on February 22. Within 24 hours of the PlayToEarn game’s launch, over six thousand players were reported to have interacted with the project.

“CYBALL IS NOW LIVE. CyBall the official game is now live! We thank everyone for their support along this journey in bringing to life! Now, we’ll see you on the field,” Cyball tweeted.


Roughly 22,000 matches were played within twenty-four hours of the game going live. The team also reported that players earned around 210,000 $CBT within the same time period. During this early stage of the game, players have a chance to earn $CBY, Cyball’s governance token, which will be claimable upon the release of the governance token.

“Every day from day 15–54 (40 days in total) i.e. right after the date of the first $CBT claim, 145,000 $CYB will also be calculated and given out as Genesis Rewards,” Cyball said in their blog post. “For each user, the $CYB rewards will be calculated in the same ratio that $CBT is earned. For example, if user A earns 1000 CBT a day, and there is 1,000,000 CBT earned by all players on that day, then user A has earned 0.1% of all CBT on that day and thus will also be eligible for 0.1% of the 145,000 CYB rewards, or 145 CYB.”

Check out their blog post to learn more about the launch of Cyball.

What Is Cyball 

Cyball is a PlayToEarn blockchain football gaming project built on Binance Smart Chain. Players called Cyblocs are of different classes, have different traits, and possess unique skill sets that help the team win the match. Its ecosystem features a marketplace, a loan platform, as well as a decentralized exchange within the project’s economy.

Where to find Cyball:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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