CURE Token to Launch the Biggest AMA in the History of Crypto

The event will allow 30 teams to showcase their projects to several potential investors.

Biggest AMA in Crypto

With over 30 cross-chain projects and a number of influential figures participating, CURE Token and Crypto Legends will host the largest Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in crypto history.

CURE Token informed recently in a Medium article from April 15 that the event will take place between April 23-24, starting at 15:00 UTC. Known as Crypto Legends, the event will be the first in crypto history to have cooperative drives to enhance investor and audience reach. As part of the AMA marathon, each of the 30 teams will have a chance to introduce themselves and promote their companies to a large group of potential investors. 

Jacob Beckley, CEO of CURE token, recently explained how “difficult it can be for truly great projects to stand out to investors among the countless memes and rug-pulls;” that, in contrast to being in competition with one another, “the only way [they] will scale holistically is through collaboration,” and that by “working together, [they] will achieve great things.”

Beckley believes that the projects presented at the event will receive the Crypto Legends ‘seal of approval’. Thus, only those with long-term strategy and legitimacy can participate, and therefore investors have a reason to hold.


The Don’t Miss AMA Event

The event will feature projects in several categories, including NFTsplay-to-earn, staking, farming, gamification, metaverse, charity, and more. In addition, there will be breakout sessions on DYORscams & fraud, investor education, and even launching a project. Consequently, this presents you with a chance to identify new projects to invest in and become a more educated investor.

Furthermore, some of the most prominent cryptocurrency influencers will be promoting the event to bring mass awareness to all of the projects participating in this amazing initiative. Additionally, many of the featured companies will hold giveaways and competitions to add extra fun and energy to the proceedings, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

On top of that, Crypto Legends announced to give away $500 to one lucky winner. For more information and to participate in the giveaway, visit the Crypto Legends website here

Participants in AMA Session

Several projects and organizations will be present during the event. They are as follows:

BSC News, Altswitch, Apocrypto, Bridges, BUSDX, CURE Token, DinoX, FEG, Forge, Glow Token, InfiniteOne, Infinity Lotto, JetSwap, KnightSwap, Lakeview Meta, Mandox, MetaPlanet, MicroPets, Munch, Pixl Coin, Poodle, Radio Nigel, Seek Token, Sharity, SkyToken, Spartan, Trava Finance, Valor Foundation, and more on the way. 

Among the sponsors are BSC News and Toshified.

Crypto Legends will likely be the largest AMA ever hosted, with thousands expected to attend. Each project will not only invite its Telegram communities but launch extensive marketing campaigns as well to grab attention. Taking part in this initiative may not just benefit the companies involved but the entire DeFi landscape as a whole –  delivering a more unified space that promotes authentic projects and collaborates to eliminate bad actors, resulting in a safer, more legitimate industry. 

Please visit the Crypto Legends website here for more information, event timings, and to submit your project.

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