CURE Token – Healing Through Crypto

The project has a truly admirable mission to raise funding to benefit research into cures for childhood cancer.

Introducing CureToken

CURE is a community-driven deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project is the evolution of the highly successful Beckley Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to curing childhood cancer. When the pandemic hit and social-distancing was introduced, raising money became almost impossible. Never one to quit, chairman Jacob Beckley turned to crypto, and thus CURE was born.

CURE isn’t here to give you passive reflections, or a weekly lottery, or an NFT of a primate riding a rocket. CURE has a mission and is laser focused on achieving it. The goal? To eradicate child cancer from the world. And that’s just the start.

The power of blockchain technology allows CURE Token to instantly reach a wide audience of potential investors and supporters to help in the battle against the devastating effect of childhood cancers. In addition, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that CURE can bypass the red tape and get donations straight where it is needed – to research institutions or those suffering.


The Cause

CURE Token and the Beckley Foundation operate under the same umbrella – the token is a driving force behind the foundations’ charitable efforts. CURE was built for charity first, profit second. Indeed, Jacob has declared on multiple occasions that he will never take a single penny from the project for himself. Investors are incentivized not by a quick x100 or x1000 (although they are certainly possible with the strength and longevity of the project) but by the main focus of ridding the world of childhood cancers. However, Jacob is not content to stop there. He wants to use the research to aid other cancers and then other chronic diseases. Further down the roadmap, things get even more exciting.

One avenue being explored is to create an entirely new blockchain that collects agnostic patient health information that grows organically with the client, but is completely anonymous. Researchers could theoretically tap into that information to identify key traits and markers, which in turn would allow them to collate and share mass data globally to help find cures and other health solutions.

The second possible use-case is healthcare access. CURE hopes to become the currency for health, regardless of financial or geographical situations. One could trade for or even donate CURE to people in need and they could access professional healthcare, even in places where it is limited.

“I believe that by combining technology, innovation and the desire to do good, we will make a dent in this solvable problem. That’s why we’re launching the $CURE Token,” Beckley Foundation and CURE Token founder Jacob Beckley said in a Medium post on August 23rd.

The Beckley Foundation itself is made up of a group of talented individuals from medical, scientific, and business communities. Together, they engage in fundraising events and charitable works to power their mission. The foundation was launched in 2016 and has raised over $1M USD since its inception for the search to cure childhood cancer.

How It Works

CURE Token has a 12% fee on every transaction. The team has stated this fee helps to drive away people who are simply looking to profit, as the fee is higher than many other token fees.

This fee is divided into 4 distribution locations:

Charity Wallet: 3% – this fee is sent to the nonprofit for childhood cancer research and care, with more charitable causes to come in the future.

Marketing: 3% – this fee goes to improving marketing to increase awareness of the project.

Auto Liquidity: 3% – this fee helps ensure transactions are smooth with the token.

Reflections: 3% – this fee rewards long term holders to ensure continued community sustenance.

There are a total of 1,000,000,000 $CURE tokens that were initially minted.

Previous Efforts

The Beckley Foundation supports research labs and care facilities through a variety of fundraising events. They have collaborated with pediatric surgeon Dr. Mary Beth Madonna and her lab, joining her Martini Night fundraiser on numerous occasions. 

Dr. Madonna focuses on individual care for children suffering from Neuroblastoma, focusing on identifying the genetic makeup of tumors in order to treat them properly. The foundation has worked with Dr. Madonna for a significant duration, indicating their dedication to their purpose.

They have also organized Row4aCure, a rowing event where the proceeds go to funding cancer research labs. Jacob Beckley himself has been an active participant to raise funds and awareness, (even going so far as to solo row across all sixty-five miles of Lake Michigan, twice)!

Security Audit

In order to ensure the trust of their community, CURE Token has undergone a security audit by InterFi. The team has made the results available for the public, which demonstrate that the CURE Token smart contract is low-risk and that the team has completed full KYC protocol.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking to chase immediate gains from a token, then CURE is not the answer for you. However, this isn’t the purpose of the token. Jacob and his 65+ dedicated team have made it abundantly clear that the token was created to do genuine good in the world, starting with childhood cancer. As the dreadful disease affects so many lives all across the world, this is a cause that many of us can certainly relate to, and find easy to support. In addition, their usage of blockchain technology to provide direct support to those in need proves that cryptocurrency is not just an avenue for profit – it is a way to make real, tangible change in the world.

And if the project can realise even a fraction of what their founder hopes to achieve, CURE could end up becoming more of a revolution than a token.

To learn more about CURE Token and The Beckley Foundation, visit the following links:

CURE Token Website

The Beckley Foundation Website

CURE Token Medium



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