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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello @cuepio, how you doing my friend?

Cue Protocol: We are good thanks, very busy time.

BSC_Daily Admin: Great, shall we start?

Cue Protocol: Let’s do it.

Q1: Now to start the AMA, team CUEX please have a quick introduction to the community. What is CUEX?

Cue Protocol: CUEX is the DeFi token of CUE Protocol (CUE) and will mark our entry into the DeFi sector.

CUEX is a dual automated market maker in that it provides liquidity to CUEX and CUE via buybacks.

CUEX also has reflection and those who choose not to stake in our pools will be rewarded just for holding with 2% of each transaction going to holders.

CUEX is not an ordinary farming token as it has a limited supply of 100 billion tokens and will become deflationary too, which is an exciting prospect as holders get the double effect of rewards and then deflation which will increase the price of the token eventually.

Like BNB you can stake it, but it deflates, it’s a great system.

BSC_Daily Admin: Like BNB you can stake it, but it deflates, it’s a great system.

Q2: Please walk us through briefly about the core features of CUEX.

Cue Protocol: CUEX is an automated market maker with a 10% transaction tax, but with DeFi built on top of it which is quite unique.

5% added to the CUEX liquidity

2% for holders through reflection

2% added to CUE liquidity

1% used to buy back CUE and distribute to CUEX holders periodically.

CUEX will have staking pools at reasonable and fair rates and CUEX will also host other staking pools for other tokens too, i.e. stake CUEX earn XYZ token.

CUEX may also be integrated into other DApps too such as the launchpad to complement the CUE token.

By being a CUEX holder, you can earn CUEX without doing anything, you can earn CUEX by staking and you can earn CUE by holding.

It is also beneficial to be a CUE holder too, as CUE will benefit from liquidity generation which means more stable price floor increases and if you hold both CUE and CUEX you will benefit from a better interest rate on staking, this is our dual token staking which will launch not long after CUEX is launched.

Q3: What differentiate your CUEX defi token from others existing on the market?

Cue Protocol: CUEX has a limited total supply that cannot be increased.

This stops endless farming which in turn causes a tokens price to decrease constantly unless you offset emissions.

Offsetting emissions in farming is difficult because you need to create something which allows holders to spend their tokens and in the normal farming we all know, you need a lot of emissions to be net-zero and 99.9% of all farming token will never achieve it. PancakeSwap is close and will likely be one of the first to do it.

Because CUEX has a fixed supply and stable rates from the get-go, we don’t have that initial pyramid scheme that other farms all have upon launch, we won’t have 10,000% APY, these benefit very few investors and when rates in farms stabilise around the 60-100% APY mark, that’s when price becomes stable as long as they are offsetting emissions.

Because the CUEX emission rate will be lower and eventually slow down because of the fixed supply, we can then start burning tokens through utilities such as DApp integrations, deposit fees and paper hands fees.

CUEX will also benefit from having other projects staking pools too, and any fees generated will be used to deflate the token or put back into the rewards pool. The holders will vote for these actions using the CUE Protocol DAO voting DApp in our CUE Hub (

So imagine being able to stake CUE to earn other tokens like normal farming, but doing this knowing CUE will eventually deflate through these fees, partnerships and DApps.

Q4: Please describe your Dashboard and Staking function.

Cue Protocol:

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Our CUEX dashboard will allow holders to track the AMM and also see their earnings from staking.

Holders can stake, unstake and claim rewards.

The dashboard will have our own staking pools and also other projects staking pools that we partner with.

See the image which shows the dashboard in action.

Q5: Please walk us through your tokenomics. Where can we buy your tokens?

Cue Protocol: CUEX is an automated market maker with a 10% transaction tax:

5% added to the CUEX liquidity

2% for holders through reflection

2% added to CUE liquidity

1% used to buy back CUE and distribute to CUEX holders periodically.

The total supply is 100 billion and cannot be increased. Up to 25 billion are for sale during the IDO’s. Up to 13 billion will be used for liquidity depending on how many tokens are sold.

The rest of the supply is used for farming/staking. There are zero team tokens.

Any unsold tokens will go back into the supply for staking rewards. You can buy on the IDO and our own IDO will start after the one ends.

BSC_Daily Admin: A link to ape in everyone:

Make sure you guys follow CUEX telegram: @cueprotolchat for latest update on token sale.

Q6: Do your platform get audited?

Cue Protocol: Yes, RD audits audited the CUEX token contract as they did with our CUE contract.

Q7: Let’s talk a little bit about your roadmap. What can we expect about the launch phases and the goals for each of them?

Cue Protocol: So far CUE Protocol has completed many steps in our roadmap with many more to go, like most roadmaps ours has been fluid and we have added many more things to it.

So far we have:

DAO voting dapp for community decisions using our governance tax.

NFT Marketplace V1 for CUE NFT’s which provide utility to CUE.

NFT Library to view all your BSC NFT’s in one place.

Lottery dapp with chartity.

Prediction games (the first one was Euro 2020).

DEX aggregator for PancakeSwap V1.

BSC Charting Platform to chart any BSC token.

CUEX DeFi Dashboard

Upcoming we have:

CUE Launchpad for project incubation.

CUE Diligence which compliments the launchpad.

Mobile Apps with built-in wallet (iOS and Android) and dapps.

NFT Marketplace V2 which allows anyone to create and sell an NFT.

DEX aggregator V2 which will have custom options and become part of our Charting dapp.

Launchpad V2 with further enhancements on multi-chain.

We have many other products in the ideas stage, but as you can see we are pretty full-on right now

BSC_Daily Admin: Last but not least.

Q8: Where can we find out more about CUEX on social media?

Cue Protocol: Join Telegram Community:

Telegram Channel:


CUE Website:

CUEX Website:


We are very active on the above channels.

BSC_Daily Admin: Thanks for answering concerns from our community.

BSC_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with CUEX

Cue Protocol: No worries, enjoyed it.

BSC_Daily Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Cue Protocol: There will be a CUEX airdrop in 6 months time for CUE holders, the cut-off date for holding CUE is Friday.

After Friday the airdrop will not be available to new holders.

Thanks everyone, we have enjoyed it and thanks for taking part.

Join us in our telegram for more questions.

BSC_Daily Admin: It was a pleasure having you @cuepio

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for CUEX.

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