Cubiex Project Insight: A Tokenized Streaming and Gaming Networks

The Cubiex platform allows users to connect with hundreds of millions of players worldwide through instant messaging, live streams, P2P marketplaces, and a unique Crypto Battle League.


Cubiex is a tokenized social media platform that aims to incentivize and connect gamers using blockchain technology. The team aims to capture a section of the gaming industry that is projected to reach a market size of $180 billion by the end of 2021. The novel introduction of their blockchain gaming network, Cubiex, is how they plan to take the crypto and gaming markets by storm. 

This protocol directly focuses on creating a specialized social networking platform that rewards the average gamer. As the gaming industry continues to see unprecedented growth, there has been an enormous inflow of money in new niches such as esports and scarce digital items. These features are typically cut off to the casual gamer, especially esports. Even further, most gamers cannot make any income, but Cubiex changes this, catering revenue streams to the individual and average gamer.

Cubiex’s Mission

Cubiexs’ vision tackles a ton of current issues in the gaming industry through their decentralized social network and crypto league for esports. The Cubiex platform allows users to connect with hundreds of millions of players worldwide through instant messaging, live streams, P2P marketplaces, and a unique Crypto Battle League. The ultimate goal of Cubiex is to make a permissionless and decentralized gaming network for all games.

Key Features:

–Robust Social Networking Platform

–Cubiex Market

–Cubiex Streaming

–Cubiex P2P Matching

Connecting Gamers

Cubiex’s chief mission is to increase social connectivity between gamers. Throughout the Cubiex platform, gamers will be able to meet, game, and easily produce gaming media content. Currently, gamers find issues with this as there is no dedicated platform for connecting with others who have similar interests. Cubiex is the first tokenized social network for eSports and gamers, granting users a robust outlet to share and network their gaming experiences.

Cubiex supports multiple forms of content creation ranging from live streams, P2P matchmaking, a digital item marketplace, and an article/blog system. The Cubiex platform has wrapped its original CBX token 1:1 to the ecosystem’s native POWER token. POWER allows access to all of Cubiexs’ core features outlined below:

Content Creation

The Cubiex team has introduced an article posting system which incentives people who post blogs on the platform. To ensure security users must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification to participate in content creation. This system combats fraud and scam which other content creation platforms struggle with. Once approved users will be able to post articles and receive incentives weekly. These incentives are dependent on the influence and upvotes the post has so the more interaction, the more rewards, ultimately promoting quality content.

These rewards are disbursed to users as Cubiex POWER tokens, but only 50% become instantaneously available as ERC-20 tokens. The remaining 50% of incentives will be vested for four weeks but they are claimable after the vesting period. Currently this feature is not active on the latest version of the Cubiex platform.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has taken the gaming world by storm with platforms like Twitch.Tv and Youtube Live. While these platforms allow an outlet for gamers to stream Cubiex aims to go further through applying blockchain technology and an attractive incentive model. Cubiex integrates a seamless donation system allowing streamers to maximize their gains. Alongside this Cubiex supports tournament organization on their platform such as the ESL ONE COLOGNE. 

The donation system integrates Cubiex’s POWER token allowing for all income generated to be used anywhere on the platform. Currently Cubiex’s streaming service presents a user friendly UI/UX alongside their improved live streaming model.


The virtual item marketplace has rapidly expanded to a $10 billion + market. Cubiex aims to innovate in this sector of gaming and capture a piece of this ever-growing pie. In the Cubiex.Market users can sell and buy virtual items using POWER tokens. This powerful marketplace makes Cubiex a one-stop gaming platform as users can earn POWER through the platform and use it to purchase virtual items. Unlike traditional virtual item marketplaces (i.e Steam) there is no transaction fee.

This marketplace allows for a seamless and secure peer-to-peer marketplace that all gamers can take advantage of. On top of this, Cubiex supports partnerships with brands, marketing agencies, and game developers to deploy in-game items. This creates additional incentives for users in the Cubiex social network. These partnerships consist but not limited to, prize packages for tournaments, league matches, and other gaming events to give away these collector items.

In short, the Cubiex marketplace can decentralize traditional peer two peer virtual marketplaces efficiently. This marketplace innovates on traditional marketplace models, ultimately saving users money.

Community Matchmaking

The Cubiex social network aims to be a one-stop-shop for all gamers, and community matchmaking is essential. Cubiex seeks to create a tokenized P2P matchmaking system using their native POWER token. This MM system allows all Cubiex users to stake tokens against opponents and battle for the prize pool. This community-based MM system allows all gamers to earn income from playing their favorite video games.

Cubiex further brides the elite eSports world to casual users through the Cubiex battle league and career network. Users will be able to play against other teams in return for tokens, which will be recorded on the global Cubiex battle league leaderboard. Here, users will be able to climb the ranks while possibly earning rewards for outperforming others.

Gamers will access this system through the Crypto Battle Challenger, where they can custom tailor their matchmaking needs. This ensures users will be able to select opponents reflecting their specific categories, ranks, and prize pools.


The Cubiex token is an ERC 20 token that has been entirely distributed. CBIX is the initial token in the Cubiex ecosystem of which POWER maintains a 1:1 peg to. The difference between the tokens is that POWER is used for all Cubiex ecosystem services while CBIX is on the Ethereum blockchain. Upon wrapping CBIX tokens for POWER, 50% of them will be vested for four weeks. This system is introduced to combat users buying tokens and instantly dumping them, a sort of protection for long-term holders. Overall, the key takeaway here is the CBIX and POWER will maintain a 1:1 peg. CBIX represents the Cubiex platform on the Ethereum Network, while POWER is used for all social network services.


The Cubiex team has lots of developments planned for the year 2021. The team has outlined their main focuses for the year, and there are some exciting features. Coupling the roadmap with the current backdrop of the bull market, Cubiex is sure to make this an action packed-year, including the following developments:

Uniswap listing January Q1 2021

PayPal Integration Q1 2021

Additional premium features Q2 2021

Targeted User acquisition campaign “Early Adopters” Q2 2021

Cubiex eSports German CS:GO Cup Q2 2021

eSports partnerships Q3 2021

Potential Venture Funding Round Q4 2021 ( Pre-Series A ) for large scale marketing/adoption

Streaming / Tournament Partnerships Q4 2021

Most notably, the team is working on developing large-scale eSports partnerships alongside tournaments. These developments can be expected as early as Q2 of this year as the team is currently working with the German CS:GO Cup. It seems the latter half of this year will be jam-packed for the Cubiex team and its users!

Concluding Thoughts

The Cubiex team has continued to innovate through the bear market phase of 2018, and they have not slowed innovation. As the team builds its decentralized gaming network, more adoption for cryptocurrency is on its way. This coupled with the rapid growth the gaming industry is witnessing, makes Cubiex primed for future growth. This platform creates a one-stop-shop for all gamers allowing them to game, earn, trade and network all from one platform.

The Cubiex ecosystem is just beginning to flourish, and the future roadmap holds tons of excitement. As for gamers, this is something to look forward to. Cubiex offers a decentralized P2P marketplace and matchmaking system alongside their streaming services. The team continues to innovate in gaming, social network, and De-FI space, making it a prime contender for growth in this bull cycle.

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