Cubiex AMA by BSC Daily Recap hosts Cubiex: a Binance (Smart) Chain based next-generation tokenized social network and streaming platform for eSports & gaming enthusiasts

Introduction AMA Cubiex

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @PierreChahine!

Pierre Chahine: Hey! Thanks for having me!

BSCdaily – Admin: How was your day? 

Pierre Chahine: Good good so far, I hope yours and the BSC Daily communities too? ^^

BSCdaily – Admin: 200% energy as always

BSCdaily – Admin: Ready to start our AMA @PierreChahine?

Pierre Chahine: Yes, lets go

Q1: Please introduce yourself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Cubiex?

Pierre Chahine: Yes – My name is Pierre Chahine, I am 35 and I am the Founder & CEO of Cubiex eSports. My professional background is: I have been a private banker since 2008 and a gamer since 1999.

Pierre Chahine: In 2018 I started to gather the team around – building an entire new ecosystem from scratch. Being with Binance Chain from its early days in 2019 and now having migrated to Binance Smart Chain in 2020 opened a whole new chapter for

BSCdaily – Admin: Welcome to Binance Smart Chain, where everything is of butter smooth and blazing speed

Q2: Okay, let’s give our audience a brief description of what Cubiex eSports is

Pierre Chahine: Cubiex eSports is a Binance (Smart) Chain based next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis in an ecosystem with features such as: P2P Livestreaming, rewarded content creation, P2P matchmaking & virtual in-game items and / NFT trading.

BSCdaily – Admin: We all know about the hype stirred by #NFT and digital collectibles recently, especially in-game items

BSCdaily – Admin: It’s awesome that Cubiex’s platform has all of these things

Q3: We all know that there are many gaming projects in the crypto space, however, lots of them did not make it throughout time. How did Cubiex eSports push through the last 2 bear markets and survive the last 3 years since its inception before being lifted by the latest bull market?

Pierre Chahine: That is very true! Initially Cubiex eSports was founded in 2018. From an idea we basically started designing and working on our first mockups and layouts of our platform, before going „online“ with our landing page in mid 2018, completing our first round with early backers. Our motto has always been we do things step by step.

Pierre Chahine: In early 2019 we got in touch with the decentralized community of Binance Chain, creating the idea of building Cubiex eSports around their ecosystem. In mid-2019 Cubiex eSports then hosted the second worldwide IDO on Binance Chain, pioneering and paving the way alongside Raven Protocol for the space to advance and further live the idea of decentralization. At that time that was so new. Now in 2021 its all IDOs everywhere lol.. ^^

Pierre Chahine: Hard work, reasonable spending and lots of goodwill helped us to push through 2019/2020 while developing our product behind the scenes, even despite the latest global corona lockdowns. In 2020 we migrated and joined, again as one of the earliest projects, the Binance Smart Chain community.

BSCdaily – Admin: Wow, the path to success is a bumpy one indeed!

Pierre Chahine: Yep. All handbuild from scratch. Every single piece designed and coded from 0 ^^

BSCdaily – Admin: Especially when you and your team decided to build the entire ecosystem from scratch

Pierre Chahine: Yes, a very very bumpy one I have to admit. But you only feel that once you are on that journey 

BSCdaily – Admin: From zero to hero, that’s Cubiex I know

Pierre Chahine: As long as it’s not back to 0 I am fine with that phrase. Lol

BSCdaily – Admin: Haha okay, to hero and beyond 

Q4: We see you have already developed a great product! What does your current roadmap for 2021 look like?

Pierre Chahine: Yes – you can use our product and livestream your gaming for example directly to thousands of viewers on – all you need is to create an account and get your streaming client. For 2021 we have several things on our roadmap such as:

Pierre Chahine: PayPal Integration Q1/Q2 2021, Implementation of additional Premium features Q2 2021, Targeted User acquisition campaign “Early Adopters” Q2 2021, Cubiex eSports German CS:GO Cup Q2 2021 202 Wingmann with, eSports partnerships Q3 2021, More Streaming / Tournament Partnerships Q4 2021

Pierre Chahine: You can see our past achievements and full roadmap here as well as read our Lightpaper 2021 on our upcoming readjustment strategy:

BSCdaily – Admin: Hmm, seems like there will be a lot of events in the upcoming time. Excited already!

Q5: Cubiex eSports is currently going through a restructuring phase. Can you tell us more about it?

Pierre Chahine: Yes! So after 3 years, together with our community, we decided to restructure and readjust Cubiex eSports for its business needs, regulatory guidelines and new marketing strategies.

Pierre Chahine: This means we are fusioning our old triple token structure ( oldCBIX BEP2, oldCBIX BEP20 and oldCBIX ERC20 ) into 1 all-new Cubiex Power BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain that comes along with a full reinvented use-case strategy.

Pierre Chahine: Implementing various DeFi applications into our product such as staking, farming and governance features will not only bond our crypto community and our product more strongly together but will also pave the way for a healthy new ecosystem. The overwhelming support of our community in regards to our „promise“ of another 3-4 years to the market has been flattering. So for anyone that likes to participate in our new ecosystem, please make sure to not miss the deadline for swapping oldCBIX into Cubiex Power BEP20.

BSCdaily – Admin: So with the all-new swap and readjustment strategies you are once again pioneering and reinventing the way companies interact with their communities

Q6: What exactly is it that you hope will benefit the community and the company?

Pierre Chahine: Well there are many reasons. There are regulatory guidelines, cost-related topics, topics with exchanges and much more. Maintaining a certain infrastructure can become too „difficult“ and „expensive“. In terms of user onboarding for example we have learned a lot in the past.

Pierre Chahine: Eliminating friction points through implementing a direct PayPal purchase procedure can be one of the key points in bringing crypto and normal users together into our product.

Pierre Chahine: One of the core wishes of our community was to join the DeFi movement and see if we can add additional use cases to our product and our token, which we finally did. We hope that this way, we can put the ecosystem once again on a healthy basis while increasing our actual userbase from its current 3000 users to around 10,000 users.

Pierre Chahine: Our userbase initially comes from crypto, so why not invite and reward them for using our product? Thats the bottom line next to our targeted user acquisition campaign in 2021. So far the overall response and the support has been amazing.

Q7: You’ve mentioned that you will be implementing DeFi applications into your product at What exactly can users do with holding your all new Cubiex Power BEP20 token?

Pierre Chahine: If you participate in our new Cubiex Power BEP20 ecosystem, there will be staking features, farming opportunities as liquidity providers and governance features.

Pierre Chahine: Starting with the staking feature our new ecosystem will have a product-related mandatory staking campaign for all oldCBIX holders, resulting in a low initial starting supply while enhancing product growth and userbase strongly.

Pierre Chahine: Mandatory stakes will be rewarded with an APR of around 5 % APR starting May 1st until 31st of December for using our product.

Pierre Chahine: With the farming campaign, which is currently planned for May/June 2021, users will be able to purchase Cubiex Power BEP20, provide it together with BNB for example as liquidity and stake their Liquidity Points in order to farm additional Cubiex Power BEP20 through our product-related LP Staking campaign too. This way, users can „earn“ additional utility tokens a) through being a liquidity provider and b) through staking their LP tokens.

Pierre Chahine: Last but not least, with Cubiex Power BEP20 we are introducing new governance features, which will allow users of our product to vote in important decisions between streamers and viewers or in tournaments.

Pierre Chahine: For example, you will be able to determine, which of your favorite streamers you’ll like to push to more popularity on our Startpage, or which kind of pro teams for example in upcoming tournaments will have to play against each other. These are just a few excerpts of what’s planned in terms of voting rights. Stay tuned for even more features!

BSCdaily – Admin: Wow, that sounds really cool!

Q8: So how is Cubiex planning to gain traction next quarter?

Pierre Chahine: We are starting a targeted user acquisition campaign, meaning we’ll get in touch with several streamers that are currently on the search for a „new“ home while also activating influencers.

Together with our Crypto Users, we hope that this way we will be able to boost our userbase to a new level and gain more traction. There are also currently more tournaments and matchmakings in the planning, just like we’ve organized last year together with BIG CLAN – one of the most popular german eSports organizations and top teams in CSGO in the world.

BSCdaily – Admin: BIG CLAN !? That‘s a big name you have there!

BSCdaily – Admin: Partnering with them is like standing on the shoulders of giants 

Pierre Chahine: Last year 3rd best team in the world in CS: GO ^^ Actually one of my own childhood counterstrike heroes now is the partnership manager there and very good contact of mine ^^

BSCdaily – Admin: Dream comes true, congrats

BSCdaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @PierreChahine

Pierre Chahine: Yes! I’d like to personally thank all of you for constantly featuring us and your BSC Daily community for being so active on Twitter and for liking and sharing those features! It’s been really humbling to see to be featured since there are also soo many other great BSC projects out there.  Really appreciate that and mean that from the bottom of my heart 

Pierre Chahine: Thanks for having us and allowing us to present ourselves once again 

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @PierreChahine 

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Cubiex 

You can ask more questions by joining $CBIX Telegram group  @cubiexesports

Pierre Chahine: Thank you 

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