Crystl Finance is Expanding to the BNB Chain

The move will see Crystl Finance immediately impact ApeSwap user earnings, as they continue the rollout of their latest vaults. 

Multi-Chain Expansion on the Horizon

Crystal Finance has confirmed its expansion to BNB Chain as the project releases brand new V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms. 

The move was exclusively confirmed by the team to Web3Wire, and will see the project attempt to utilize the significant volume that flows through BNB Chain. The team was quick to underline that they have plans for further expansion and intend to offer their relevant products to users on other chains in the near future. Web3Wire caught up with the Crystl Finance team to learn more about the motivations behind the innovative pivot.

“Our launch on BNB marks not only the first release of our brand new V3 Vaults and Ultra Farms, but also the first of many cross-chain expansions to come. We are thrilled to be pioneers in a new future where users are empowered to earn what they want while supporting their favorite projects in a holistic and sustainable manner.” 

ApeSwap was also on hand to welcome Crystl Finance to the BNB Chain community, having already been vocal about the incentives the project offers prospective users.

Crystl Finance has been appreciative of ApeSwap’s support throughout their journey and will understand that having the backing of a leading project on BNB Chain stands them in good position to make the most of their recent expansion.

“ApeSwap’s loyal community is perfect for our initial launch, and we are excited to allow them to Maximize their $BANANA earnings. We look forward to bringing the same innovative, high-quality experience to masses of users on other blockchains in the near future.”

Having recently announced important partnerships and finalizing its rebrand, Crystal Finance looks set to take the industry by storm as it put in motion its broader expansion plans. For those wanting to take a closer look at exactly what the project is offering users, you can enjoy our recent project insight. Both Web3Wire and BSC News will be keeping close tabs on the impact Crystl Finance’s recent expansion has on the project’s fortunes and indeed BNB Chain.  

What is Crystl Finance:

Crystl Finance is a DeFi protocol built on Polygon and Cronos. Its native token has a capped supply of 12,500,000 $CRYSTL, which was agreed upon through a community vote. CRYSTL aims to maximize passive income transparently and securely. It uses Vaults, Revenue Sharing, Bonds, Bridge, and Pools to generate income 24 hours a day.

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