Crystl Finance is Coming to BNB Chain

As the protocol announces its move to BNB Chain, its non-inflationary concept and incentivized staking may well begin to attract more users.

BNB Chain Move Official

Crystl Finance is set for its debut on BNB Chain, as the protocol looks to incentivize farming by offering users more ways to utilize their capital and earn. The first vaults are set to launch in coordination with ApeSwap on May 12.

The protocol confirmed the move exclusively to BSC News on May 3 and also underlined that further features are set to be released. The move to BNB Chain will allow the protocol to thrive and appeal to a larger user base on the biggest chain.

“We are taking farming to the next level with our new Ultra Farms. Bringing an easy way for users to automate and maximize earnings on their favorite platforms,” the protocol stated exclusively to BSC News. “This feature isn’t just for users as it also helps DEXes keep their token price higher, increase APYs, and ultimately their TVL and liquidity.”


The three-step staking method will see users make the most of their liquid assets, allowing them to further acquire assets on an ‘ultra-farm’ that sees tokens auto-compounded. The project has already begun to impress other thriving projects on BNB Chain like ApeSwap, a new partner that is set to aid Crystl Finance on its journey. 

“BNB is an important step on our rapid cross-chain expansion; We are excited to partner with our favorite monkeys over at ApeSwap to help the jungle maximize their $BANANA earnings!” Crystl continued. “With our new strategy of extending Ultra-Farms to new blockchains, we will earn more performance fees which go to our revenue sharing pools. Our revenue sharing pools allow users to stake $CRYSTL liquidity to earn the native blockchain gas token.”

Projects like ApeSwap are already beginning to identify the positive impact the protocol could have on their own innovative efforts as users are offered further options to stake and earn. With forthcoming liquidity pools, pairing $CRYSTL and $BNB on their way, the users on the protocol may well increase.

“We are planning to introduce this on BNB soon so our users can stake $CRYSTL-$BNB LPs to earn $BNB. As Crystl Finance TVL grows, so do the rewards in our revenue sharing causing increased demand for $CRYSTL which leads to increased price,” the protocol confirmed, meaning its growth is mutually beneficial to all participants. 

With $CRYSTL limited to 12.5 million tokens and quickly expanding to become a multi-chain token, the non-inflationary aspect could also have a bullish impact on its performance. 

“There aren’t many platforms where you can consistently earn MATIC, CRO, or BNB,” the team capped off in its communication with BSC News.

What is Crystl Finance:

Crystl Finance is a DeFi protocol built on Polygon and Cronos. Its native token has a capped supply of 12,500,000 $CRYSTL, which was agreed upon through a community vote. CRYSTL aims to maximize passive income transparently and securely. It uses Vaults, Revenue Sharing, Bonds, Bridge, and Pools to generate income 24 hours a day.

Where to find Crystl Finance:

Website | Twitter | Reddit | Gitbook | Github | Discord |

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