CryptoTycoon’s Latest Offering “Monopoly Tycoon” Sees Wide Popularity

The new game from CryptoTycoon has been referred to as ‘addicting’ by its playerbase, seeing considerable amounts of users and funding.

Roll the Dice

On September 9th, CryptoTycoon, a light gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) released its second self-developed chain light game “Monopoly Tycoon”. 48 hours after the game was launched it received more than 20,000 registers, and the top-up scale of the game has reached 500,000 BUSD! The daily income has reached 250,000 BUSD, which is comparable to games published by Tencent.

How to Play

According to its Doc, “Monopoly Tycoon” is a light game where players can use BUSD to roll dice and build houses. Players can pay BUSD to buy dice to make the game character (Cat) move. When the game character stands on a certain grid, it can buy or build the building on the grid and upgrade the house during the next stopover.

The properties are buildings that people can see everywhere in real life, such as houses, shops, banks, and governments. Different types and levels of houses produce different scales of $CTT output. This kind of randomness makes players more addicted.

At the same time, when the player builds a house for 72 hours, if the tax is not paid in advance, it will be removed. Many players feel that Monopoly Tycoon is similar to a gamified version of Binance Futures. That’s because this random result-plus-remove mechanism is quite similar to the Binance contract.

Deflationary Measures

At present, CryptoTycoon is using most of the income from “Monopoly Tycoon” to buy back tokens produced from the market and burn. The token is $CTT, with a total supply of 1,000,000. The progress will soon reach the milestone of 50,000 burn, and CTT will become increasingly scarce by then.

Unexpected Success

It seems that the mechanism of the “Monopoly” game is almost too eye-catching. Soon after the game was launched, it was crowded and overheated by players and disconnected. 

Fortunately, team members had worked on Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG MOBILE”, and seem to have dealt with this problem in advance. Players did not lose out from this disconnection, as high-value rewards were instead sent out.

Up to now, CryptoTycoon’s recently launched light game “Monopoly Tycoon” was recommended by Binance Smart Chain and included in India’s largest encrypted media AMBCrypto’s coverage. Influential players have paid attention to and recommended Monopoly Tycoon, and the enthusiasm of players continues to grow!

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