Crypt(OTC) – Escrow Services in the DeFi Landscape

The project seeks to connect larger-scale investors with the most cost-efficient investment opportunities in early-stage crypto.

Introducing Crypt(OTC)

Crypt(OTC) seeks to offer a solution to investors, VC groups, and retail participants looking for larger ticket sizes ($10,000+) on off-market/early-stage crypto projects. The concept was born out of the identification of a key issue in early-stage crypto investing, which was liquidity for larger-ticket investments. Initially the team shared these with family and friends, but soon realized the public demand for their services could be significant.

The project will offer access to weekly Over-the-Counter (OTC) investment deals, connecting investors with new and rewarding opportunities. Along with offering the deals, Crypt(OTC) will create a chance for investors to connect with the developers, and specific search mandates for repeat clients. 

Crypt(OTC) is powered by Lithium Ventures, an official BSCNews partner. After seeing large amounts of success through their VC fund on Lithium, Crypt(OTC) has been able to build their network to aggregate their investment opportunities. 


What Crypt(OTC) Offers to Investors

Essentially Crypt(OTC) will serve as a middleman between fledgling crypto projects and larger-scale investors. Every week the project will send out a newsletter that contains exclusive investment deals with extensively vetted projects. These deals will allow early investors to save 5-20% off of the listing price of the token, giving subscribers a massive incentive to utilize the service.

All projects that Crypt(OTC) suggests will be reviewed for contract exploits, roadmap strength and future plans, as well as their project use case and utility. Each featured project’s developers are personally communicated with by Crypt(OTC) to ensure their legitimacy. Crypt(OTC) will work to build trust between investors and potential investments, ensuring it is a smooth and secure process.

What Crypt(OTC) Offers to Developers

For developers, Crypt(OTC) will help bring in early investors to propel early-stage growth. Initial liquidity is often a major issue for start-up projects, even if they have an excellent value proposition. Entering and exiting positions can be difficult, and a handful of transactions can cause massive market value swings. Crypt(OTC) seeks to change this by connecting projects with investors looking to provide high amounts of liquidity on an investment.

Along with access to new investors, partnered projects will be able to tap into Crypt(OTC)’s powerful network of connections. 

The project will also provide treasury management services. This is especially beneficial for developers to avoid the need to sell development wallets in the open market. 

Concluding Thoughts

In a rapidly-growing industry like Decentralized Finance (DeFi), it can be hard for investors to identify promising new projects before their prime investment window closes. It is similarly difficult for start-ups to gain the liquidity they desire amongst their many competitors.

Crypt(OTC) seeks to remove those difficulties with their project. Their weekly newsletter will help get in early on promising new projects at a discounted price while simultaneously connecting the projects to a needed source of early liquidity.

If you are a larger-ticket investor looking to get in first on a life-changing investment opportunity, Crypt(OTC) is the perfect place to start. The team will begin issuing their weekly deals during this month, meaning your next best investment could be just around the corner.

To learn more about Crypt(OTC), check out their Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter.

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