Cryptopolis Announces First and Only Initial Room Offering

The Cryptopolis Initial Room Offering will be the first-and-only opportunity players have to purchase rooms which will provide immense opportunities within the Cryptopolis ecosystem.

Incoming IRO

Cryptopolis, a FreeToPlay, PlayToEarn social NFT game, has announced that they will be releasing their first (and only) Initial Room Offering (IRO), granting players the opportunity to stake their claim in the Cryptopolis Metaverse. Often referred to as “The Sims” of Web3, Cryptopolis is a casual game that seeks to lift in-game NFT utility to never-before-seen heights, and this room offering will give players that kickstart they always yearn for. 

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The rooms themselves will be the most difficult NFTs to acquire in game, all of which give a competitive edge to players as they level up within the game. All rooms come with in-game benefits, including the following perks:

– Establish businesses which other players can interact with and expend their CPO towards benefits which enhance their prestige level (i.e. Gyms, clothing stores, and more!), granting more experiences and exclusive content;

– Obtain more space for their NFTs, creating opportunities to generate more CPO; 

– Receive access to exclusive areas within the tower, building more powerful connections and opportunities;

– Access to unique minigames for a chance to earn more CPO, and much more.

The Rooms

Rooms in Cryptopolis have an array of use-cases, and can be used in-game to host businesses, whether it’s a gym, a restaurant, or a clothes store selling major brands to users in the tower. The rooms can even be used as a personal NFT showcase! 

Cryptopolis will have a completely open in-game economy where users can set up businesses to earn CPO as a primary or secondary income, as described in their second alpha trailer. Your imagination is your best tool in Cryptopolis, as the possibilities are truly limitless according to the team.

This is the only opportunity to purchase these rooms through a sale via Cryptopolis, and any subsequent transactions will be purely P2P. From its earliest stages, Cryptopolis has always been developed with the intentions of creating an environment for users to enjoy and thrive, regardless of spend. 

Learn more about Cryptopolis and the 30+ team members behind the project by visiting their website or signing up for their IRO Whitelist.

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