CryptoMines Updates Community on Project Relaunch

The team informed the community on what changes will happen with both CryptoMines Legacy and Reborn projects.

PlayToEarn Project: CryptoMines’ Rebirth Pains

Binance Smart Chain PlayToEarn GameFi project, CryptoMines, shared with its community some updates about the transition to their new platform.

The development team announced updates to both CrytpoMines games, CryptoMines Legacy and CryptoMines Reborn as they prepare for a restart to their project. The announcement was made through discord but broadcasted through twitter on December 13 UTC with a simple caption asking their followers to read the announcement on discord. Shorty after, the official twitter account of CryptoMines asked the community to be more patient.

“Please wait for further announcements, the final decision will be announced soon. Thanks.” CryptoMines advised their followers.


The project has seen quite a turn around since their native coin, $ETERNAL, reached an all time high in terms of price. Manuel Torres, Cryptomines founder and Chief Executive Officer, even attributed the $ETERNAL milestone to Binance’s all-time high in daily transactions. The team has then seen $ETERNAL price take a nosedive as investors were quick to capitalize on the high price and sold their holdings. The team attributed this sell off to a lack of incentive to reinvest in the game, prompting them to ask the community if they’re open to rebooting the entire project.

Updates With The Future On The Line

For CryptoMine’s Legacy, the original CryptoMines game, the team decided to take away the claim rewards tax and added around 175,000 US Dollars in $ETERNAL to the rewards pool for players to claim until supplies last. They also added an NFT burning feature by dismantling fleets with contracts or fuel, but the $ETERNAL rewards will only be received if there are still some left in the pool. Lastly, they disabled the creation of new fleets or adding new workers so reward calculations won’t get messed up.

Updates with regards to the new version of the CryptoMines, CryptoMines Reborn, are fewer than that of CrytpoMines Legacy. The team announced that they’re in constant communication with the community to brainstorm ideas for CryptoMines Reborn. Ideas that will be implemented or shelved will be revealed in due time. Lastly, two mutually exclusive compensation options will be available to future players. This allows for more flexibility in terms of payouts and allows players to match the best one to their strategy. Each option will have a different set of requirements.

This is a tough time for the CryptoMines community. Stay updated with the project by following their official twitter account or visiting their website.

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