CryptoMines Rises From The Ashes Announcing Game Release Date

The BNB Chain PlayToEarn blockchain project launches a fleet staking program to prepare for the reboot of the project

CryptoMines Reborn

BNB Chain PlayToEarn blockchain project, CryptoMines: Reborn, announces the release date of the second version of their project.

In a Discord announcement on March 21, the team officially said that the CryptoMines metaverse will be back up starting the fifth of April. The CryptoMines: Reborn team also revealed that there will be a fleet staking feature that will be made available starting March 23.

“We have been constantly working for the creation of an economic system that is both innovative and as sustainable as possible inside all Play-To-Earn economies. Therefore, we are very happy to finally announce the release of CryptoMines Reborn, the Whitepaper and the release date of CryptoMines Legacy Fleet Staking,” The CryptoMines team said in their Discord server. “The official release of CryptoMines Reborn will be on April 05, 2022, where our new metaverse will open its doors.”


In early December of 2021, the CryptoMines team asked their community through a vote if they will continue the project by rebooting the metaverse. After months of waiting, the rebirth of the CryptoMines project is nearing fruition. The team also released an FAQ page on their whitepaper to answer questions the community might have with regards to the reboot of the game.

Fleet Staking


“Happy to announce that the staking page is up. The registration period for fleet staking will last 7 days starting from today, this should give players plenty of time to decide your approach,” CryptoMines: Reborn said in a twitter thread. “After 7 days, you will be able to start claiming your staking rewards. 500k $CRUX have been added as staking rewards (15M USDT at the time of this post).”

Those who have their fleets from the original CryptoMines game, now called CryptoMines: Legacy, can register their fleet within seven days in order to participate in the staking feature. Once registered, users will get $CRUX rewards for a period of six months, but will also need to have some dark matter as collateral. The initial dark matter investment will be returned by the team in game and can only be used within the CryptoMines: Reborn metaverse.

Check out the fleet staking portion of their whitepaper for more details.

What Is CryptoMines: Reborn?

CryptoMines is an NFT play-to-earn game running on the BNB Chain. It is themed on science fiction, where players go on expeditions to various planets to mine the native currency of their metaverse. CryptoMines took part in the Binance Most Valuable Builder Program III and emerged as one of the stars for October 2021.

Where to find CryptoMines:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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