CryptoMines Reborn Announces Latest Mini-Game

An Intergalactic lottery will be held for those who stayed a part of the game’s metaverse after the tough times.

CryptoMines BSC Lottery

CryptoMines Reborn, a PlayToEarn blockchain project built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has recently announced a new mini-game its community can enjoy. The team believes that this minigame will greatly benefit CryptoMines Reborn.

Through a tweet on February 5, CryptoMines Reborn announced that their latest mini-game is an intergalactic lottery where anyone can win. The Intergalactic lottery is the second mini-game inside CryptoMine Reborn’s metaverse, with the first being Clash, a head-to-head battle simulation game.

“CryptoMines Reborn – Minigames: Lottery. Salutations once again Explorers. Today we present our Intergalactic Lottery, AVAILABLE FOR DARK MATTER AND ETERNAL! The first round of the Intergalactic Lottery will start in 30 minutes. We wish the best of luck to all participants,” CryptoMines tweeted.


Participants in the intergalactic lottery can use ETERNAL or Dark Matter to purchase their tickets, but can only purchase 500 tickets per transaction. Each wallet address is allowed a maximum of 1000 tickets. The winning numbers are drawn every twenty-four hours at midnight UTC. The lottery can potentially prove to be a way to bring users back to the protocol. You can read more about the intergalactic lottery by visiting CryptoMine Reborn’s whitepaper

About Cryptomines 

Cryptomines is a SciFi Play-to-Earn NFT game designed to provide users with a fun experience by collecting Workers and Spaceships through its metaverse, searching for $ETERNAL, which gives them more life and profit in the long run. The game is built on BSC, and the protocol aims to become the best SciFi GameFi project on the blockchain, ensuring that users enjoy the best gaming experience while earning $ETERNAL tokens. $CRUX, the native coin for the new version of the play-to-earn project, CryptoMines Reborn, on the Binance Smart Chain network

Where to find Cryptomines: 

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