CryptoMines Is Back From The Depths Of Space

The reincarnation of the PlayAndEarn space simulation game, CryptoMines: Reborn is now available to play on the project’s website.

CryptoMines: Reborn

CryptoMines looks to put the past behind them as the game’s comeback protocol, CryptoMines: Reborn, is now live.

The team broke the news of their comeback through a tweet on their official Twitter account on April 6. They were delighted to announce to their community that the website will now host the new version of the game and that the original version of CryptoMines, CryptoMines Legacy, will be migrating to a new location.

“Ready your workers. Prepare your fleets. CryptoMines Reborn is finally here,” said the space exploration project through a Discord announcement. “Welcome to the official launch of CryptoMines Reborn. We hope you find in CryptoMines Reborn a game to entertain you, immerse yourself in its community and make some profits during your journey. Safe travels, explorers!”


After reaching an all time high in the price of their original native currency, $ETERNAL the protocol suffered a steep nose dive that ultimately led to the restart of the project. Since then, the team has released two mini games, Clash and Lottery, to keep their community engaged while the main game is in development. After months of preparation, CryptoMines is finally back and its community cannot be more excited.

“Goocho continues to ensure that your Dark Matter is kept at constant values,” the team continued saying in their discord announcement. “The team has been hard at work and revised the data statistics, changes were made to the Whitepaper to ensure long-term sustainability.”

Check out CryptoMines Reborn’s updated whitepaper for a more detailed view of how the protocol looks to achieve long-term economic stability this time around.

What Is CryptoMines: Reborn?‍

CryptoMines is an NFT play-to-earn game running on the BNB Chain. It is themed on science fiction, where players go on expeditions to various planets to mine the native currency of their metaverse. CryptoMines took part in the Binance Most Valuable Builder Program III and emerged as one of the stars for October 2021.

Where to find CryptoMines:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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