Cryptomines Introduces Wrapped Crux

The new token will be used as the in-game currency for the PlayAndEarn blockchain game.

New Wrapped CRUX Token

Cryptomines announced a new wrapped token to its economy called Wrapped Crux ($WCRUX).

The space exploration GameFi project built on the BNB Chain debuted the new token through a tweet on April 28. $WCRUX will be used as the new in-game currency for CryptoMines, replacing the token Dark Matter, and will have a 1:1 price value to $CRUX, the protocol’s native currency. The team looks to add a speculation component to the mix so its users will have one more thing to consider when making a decision.

“By starting to use the $CRUX for all in-game functions including rewards, it allows you to start playing with the speculation of the currency price and make your own decisions regarding whether to trade, sell or wait,” CryptoMines said in its April 27 Discord announcement. “Added to this we will remove all taxes on buying and selling which allows this speculation to be focused not only on the players, but also those external entities that wish to speculate or make purchases that allow the growth of the game will be welcome.”


The team also mentioned that Dark Matter will retain its value in the game and is convertible into Wrapped Crux on the CryptoMine Exchange. All in-game rewards and costs will also be shown in $WCRUX to reflect the new changes. Other changes announced by the CryptoMines team included the reduction of Stardust costs for unsuccessful expeditions and the decommissioning of Goocho’s labors. Stardust costs have been reduced by 60%, while oracles will no longer exist in the game.

The team also released a new short-term roadmap in the same Discord announcement. The roadmap includes expansion into new foreign markets, additional mini-games, and the opening of Planet Casino in the next updates. Changing Dark Matter staking to $WCRUX, launching of satellites, and listings on different CEX and DEXs round up the roadmap released by CryptoMines. 


The change to $WCRUX also brought in new features and changed some game mechanics. A new smart rewards system, called Skylight, has been introduced to the game, while the Dark Matter in fleet staking will now become $WCRUX. Check out CryptoMine’s Medium post for more information on these new changes to their metaverse. 

What is Cryptomines:

Cryptomines is a SciFi Play-to-Earn NFT game designed to provide users with a fun experience by collecting Workers and Spaceships through its metaverse, searching for $ETERNAL, which gives them more life and profit in the long run. The game is built on BNB Chain, and the protocol aims to become the best SciFi GameFi project on the blockchain, ensuring that users enjoy the best gaming experience.

Where to find Cryptomines: 

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