CryptoMines Announces More Details on its Restart

CryptoMines Reborn’s native coin, $CRUX, set to be launched on the 18th of December.

CryptoMines $CRUX Arrives

The CryptoMines team took a step in restarting their project and transitioning to CryptoMines Reborn by announcing the launch of their new token. The once top PlayToEarn Game on Binance Smart Chain must now start from the bottom once again.

$CRUX, the native coin for the new version of the play-to-earn project, CryptoMines Reborn, on the Binance Smart Chain network, is set to be launched on the 18th of December. The official twitter account of CryptoMines announced the news on December 17.

“Welcome to CryptoMines Reborn,” CryptoMines simply tweeted with a link to their discord announcement


The CryptoMines team revealed that there will be a 5,000,000 $CRUX total supply. 10% of the total token supply will go to marketing and collaborations, while 40% is allocated for the rewards pool and staking allocation. The team will also implement a 2% purchase tax and 4% sales tax that will go directly to the rewards pool.

The CryptoMines community has to earn back the trust of crypto users. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and once users flee it is hard to get them back. The standards for PlayToEarn gaming is on the rise and the crux of the matter will be if CryptoNines can attract players back with gameplay rather than just being a glorified yield farm. 

What about the Original CryptoMines?

The team released more details with regards to the staking of fleets on the CryptoMines Legacy platform. Players need to have fleets in CryptoMines Legacy before they can access the staking feature. Collaterals in Dark Matter and $CRUX are needed in order to stake. Staking will last a total of 6 months with daily rewards delivered after the registration phase is done. 10% of the total $CRUX allocation will be allocated to this staking program. All fleets are eligible to be staked.

Visit their discord for a more detailed explanation of the staking program and the transition to CryptoMines Reborn.

Where else to find Cryptomines: Website | Twitter | Telegram 

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