CryptoJobsList Posts Dedicated Section for Binance Smart Chain Jobs

BSC.News is among those in the hunt for a few roles. Do you know anyone suitable to join our staff?

Binance Smart Chain

CryptoJobsList has launched a new page dedicated solely to roles on Binance Smart Chain. The strong and sustained growth of the BSC ecosystem makes it a rich hunting ground for job seekers of all varieties and skillsets. 

Top employers in the sector are currently attempting to fill positions that include codingmarketing, and even journalism roles. According to CryptoJobsList, the high demand for skilled personnel on BSC prompted the recent launch.

“Due to the growing demand we now have a page dedicated to jobs on Binance Smart Chain, one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in crypto,” said CryptoJobsList in a Tweet on September 13th.

The support for Binance Smart Chain from crypto’s leading job site is another positive indicator for the ecosystem, which has undergone massive growth this year. 

On January 1st, the daily transaction volume on BSC was a mere 350,000 transactions. Transaction volume now sits at 4.8 million, down from a peak of 13.1 million in July. 

Over the same time, the total value locked in Binance Smart Chain has grown from $278 million to $19.6 billion.

One of the roles currently available on CryptoJobsList | Source

Hiring Now

BSC.News are among the employers hiring right now on Binance Smart Chain. The primary destination for all BSC news is currently seeking an Event and Marketing Coordinator. The Event and Marketing Coordinator will fulfill a key role in our marketing team, liaising with top Binance Smart Chain projects to organize outstanding live events. 

This role requires strong organizational and people management skills, more than two years of experience in social media management, and a degree in business or marketing-related fields. The successful candidate must fulfill the ongoing demands of the role while driving BSC.News live events to even greater heights. A complete role description can be found here.

BSC.News is also currently seeking a Dynamic Breaking News Journalist to join our stable of writers. This particular person will be required to quickly turn around breaking news stories of around 300-500 words in 30 minutes. The successful candidate must be up to speed on BSC, DeFi, and other relevant industry trends, as research time will be limited on these fast-breaking news events. A full role description can be found here.

For the full list of roles on Binance Smart Chain, head to Binance Smart Chain Jobs on the CryptoJobsList.

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