CryptoGirlfriend Begins Weekly BNB Chain NFT Reviews

Incoming weekly NFT alpha will give users the inside scoop in a short digestible video.

Weekly NFT Review From CryptoGirlfriend

CryptoGirlfriend began a weekly review of BNB Chain NFTs on YouTube. She expects to be back each Friday with top alpha to support and document the rise of BNB Chain NFTs.

The debut video review from CryptoGirlfriend dropped in on Friday, April 29, in what shaped up to be a very bullish week for BNB Chain NFTs. With a retro backdrop and a rotating globe, CryptoGirlfriend twirled through the highlights of the week surrounding PancakeSquad’s recent achievements, the PixelSweeper sell-out, some recent listings from Binance NFT, and more. 

“We are all still early in the BNB Chain NFTs. It’s great to see some of these BNB Chain NFTs having success, and continue to build and build,” ​ CryptoGirlfriend explained, echoing the BNB Chain recent ‘Build ‘n Build’ mantra.

The BNB Chain NFT industry is hitting stride and positive growth at a time when the overall market sentiment looks sour. CryptoGirlfriend matches the positive vibes in the chain and users will do well to follow the content coming from her page. As an OG and strong supporter of BNB Chain, and someone with involvement across numerous projects, she can bring the inside scoop on top projects and sentiments from the industry.

The short format by CryptoGirlfriend could also prove to be digestible and easily shareable for users as well. Be sure to check back next Friday for the next review, or dive into her YouTube channel for all her in-depth content.

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