CryptoGames: Delivering a World-Class Gambling Experience

The platform seeks to offer a safe and engaging casino platform for beginners and pros alike.

Rolling the Dice

Online gambling has gained momentum after blockchains and cryptocurrencies have been enabled in many online casinos. The digitally advanced currency has taken the internet by storm, and gamblers are on the search for the best online casinos out there. 

However, to find the best online casino that offers full service with cryptocurrencies, one has to thoroughly be aware of all the important elements of a crypto casino. The process of looking at many online casinos for the right elements might seem time and cost ineffective. For beginners the idea of diving into a crypto casino might seem intimidating. Many are looking for a beginner-friendly and fair crypto gambling experience. CryptoGames proposes that they are one of these experiences. 

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Why CryptoGames?

When it comes to online gambling, the first and foremost element that any gambler looks for is total security. Then, they look at the compatibility of the casino with basically any device. This means it needs to be accessible from their respective devices for them to explore and enjoy the gambling experience freely. After that comes reliability, which is one of the elements that online casinos cannot miss at any cost. They need to provide thoroughly fair results for every bet placed by the players. CryptoGames has all these elements at its core and thrives on updating any necessary elements to meet players’ expectations. Although it is a Curacao-based online casino, it’s famous among worldwide gamblers for its unmatched policies and high standard of unadulterated entertainment. 

What Does CryptoGames Offer?

While there are several services that CryptoGames offers to its worldwide gambling community, the following ones can help users understand its extensive capabilities.  Starting with the vast offering of crypto-based games, here’s a look at all the noteworthy components of CryptoGames: 

9 Exhilarating Games

All the games carry their house edges and payout tables. Below are all the house edges that can be found at CryptoGames.

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Play Dice, Minesweeper, and DiceV2 with 1% house edge

Play Slot with 1.97% house edge 

Blackjack with 1.253% house edge

Play Lottery with 0% house edge

Play Roulette has 2.7%

Play Video Poker with an average of 2.09% house edge

And play its three variants with their house edges: 

Jacks or Better with 2.11%

Tens or Better with 2.08%

Bonus poker with 2.09%

Play Plinko with an average of 1.72% house edge. However, it has four more individual house edges:

Play with the Green ball for 1.63%

Red ball for 1.84%

Blue ball for 1.52%

Yellow ball for 1.56%

Here’s a closer look at the games.


CryptoGames offers Dice in a completely digital outlook. While many know Dice as a cube apparatus used to predict any outcomes, CryptoGames’ Dice isn’t played with any cube apparatus. In the game, a digital Dice is rolled to make correct predictions. Before a player rolls its dice, they predict the outcome of the roll. There will be two options to predict from. 

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Players guess whether their roll will give a higher number or a lower number. Bet amounts and payout multipliers have to be fixed before the roll. Based on that there will be a winning chance ranging from 0.000 to 99.999. Players get to play the Dice Progressive Jackpots if they meet certain rules. More on this will be given later in this review. 


The unbeatable classic casino game, Slot builds up the thrill of any new gambler at CryptoGames, offering a winning chance of over 49%. In the game, along with great winning chances, there is an Auto Bet feature. With the feature, players can auto spin the machine for multiple bets. 

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Bet size and other setups must be done before a player hits Spin. With Auto bet, they can play multiple rounds without changing the bet amount or size every time. 7 combinations result in wins. Those 7 winning combinations carry 5 different symbols. The outlook of the Slot game is modern and the animation for the spinning slot machine is an appealing visual.  


Carrying good news for card game beginners, BlackJack easily became one of the most sought-after games at the casino. Blackjack has an incredibly advanced outlook, meaning, the visual of the game allure any card game lovers as it represents classic gambling.

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Players get to learn and show their very own or even new techniques and strategies throughout the game. In BlackJack, there are different options for building a hand that sums under 21, or equal to 21. Players must never cross the amount 21 as it can end their bet in a loss. 


While there are originally 2 different versions (European and American)of the game out there, CryptoGames chose the European version for its players to enjoy. Another reason for choosing this version is because it has a profitable house edge which is what beginner-level players seek most of the time. Every winning round offers big rewards. In Roulette, players get to show their skills in forming strategies for placing the neighbor bets. On the betting mat, betting chips must be carefully placed since if the ball lands on any of them, the player wins immediately. For breaking the hesitation, CryptoGames has created 4 presets to choose from for placing the neighbor bets. For the payout table and 4 presets, more guidelines are given on the game’s page. 

Video Poker

Another crypto card game at CryptoGames is the very famous Video Poker. The game is also favored by the players for its high payouts ratio. There are basically three versions of the game. They are called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. As mentioned in the house edge section above, all three 3 versions offer reasonable house edge amounts. Players can use the toggle bar on the game’s board to switch between before they place bets. The toggle bar is located at the top left corner of the game board. More on the game and its payout tables along with the cards ranking is given on the game’s page. There is also a chance to hit a royal flush where a player gets to relish a payout multiplier of 500.   


The game is played on a modern pegged pyramid, which is built to show 4 different payout multipliers or slots for 4 different colored balls. As we have already looked at the house edges of the game above, there are  4 different house edges. These house edges allow the players to choose their bet’s condition according to their color preference. The four colors that appear on the pyramid are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. On the pyramid, all four colors are neatly separated till the bottom. Based on the colors and the winning slot a ball reaches, the final payout will get calculated. There is also an opportunity to use the auto bet feature for running multiple bets with any preferred color. 


Completely giving a makeover to the traditional version of Dice in CryptoGames, the casino presented its 9th game, DiceV2 to the players. The new version of the game is really simple to play and master. In the game, players predict their bets and wait for their dice to roll into the green zone on the slider. This slider is designed to set the bet’s payout multiplier, winning chances, and much more. There will again be two conditions to choose from. If the player chooses a correct condition, dice rolls in the green zone otherwise the bet amount is lost. DiceV2 has a Progressive Jackpot just like Dice.  


CryptoGames brings back nostalgia through Minesweeper for all the puzzle game lovers. The design of the game shows boxes in a 5*5 minefield. Players turn the boxes like they would turn tiles by clicking on them. If a box is turned and is seen to carry a mine, this means the player has hit a mine. The bet will be lost. And in case the box doesn’t carry any mine then the game continues. Players can choose to end their game at any profitable point in the game. This means they don’t necessarily have to clear the minefield. There is complete freedom for the players to adjust the number of mines they will have to clear. Players must play the game with no hints. 


The timelessly classic game of luck has no house deal at CryptoGames. It is built to reward the players with highly fruitful amounts. Whatever sum of profit is collected from a round’s ticket sale, is given to three winners. This means, CryptoGames profits nothing from Lottery as a host casino. All winning players relish the entire prize money by themselves. The lottery is played using only 4 cryptocurrencies. There is no option to use Play Money for playing the game. Lottery tickets have to be purchased during the ongoing round. More details on the payout amounts or total lots can be found on the game’s page where the price of each ticket in the 4 cryptocurrencies is also mentioned. 

PlayMoney for Free Trials

If any new player enters the website through the basic registration, then they get to check out all the games (except lottery) using the play currency. This play currency is also known as PlayMoney. With the special currency, players can learn the ins and outs of each game and form strategies to earn more of it. This way they will get a clear idea of the games and gain confidence to use their actual cryptocurrencies in no time! To get more PlayMoney funds, players can check the Faucet feature. However, to earn more PlayMoney through the faucet, players must increase their player level. This can be easily done by regularly placing bets, chatting with other players in the community. 

How to Win the Jackpots

CryptoGames makes sure that gambling at its casino is never mainstream or dull. This is why it offers progressive jackpots for the players to get their hands on. There are three games: Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette with progressive jackpots. By meeting the rules given below, each player stands a chance to win the highly rewarding jackpots.  

Rules for Dice and DiceV2 Jackpots

Players must score either 7.777 or 77.777 (the jackpot numbers) after a roll

Must have a winning roll

The bet amount placed beforehand and the profit earned to meet the (at least) amount stated in the rules

Server seed and client seed (combined and encrypted) in SHA512, have 77 as the last two digits  

There is a chance to win the entire Jackpot amount or even a percentage of at least 1% depending on how much you are willing to risk on your current bet.

Rules for Roulette Jackpots

Use the same cryptocurrency for four consecutive bets and earn 7. 

Reward amounts are higher than the bet amount placed beforehand. 

Minimum bet and profit amount meet the minimum sum stated by the casino.

Roulette’s Jackpot also allows the players to win either the entire prize amount or at least 1% of the amount.  

Transparency in Bet Results

All games along with the progressive jackpots, follow provably fair policies to deliver fair results at all times. This means, there will be no doubts about the results. The policies give every player the freedom to check their bet results at any time. No manipulation can be done to process the best results. Alongside the provably fair policies, there is also an option to check the fairness of the casino through hash and seeds. The necessary guidelines for using hash and seeds are given on the website. Additionally, Lottery draws are completely fair and all the winning tickets are drawn by a third-party website, “RandomPicker”. This third-party application ensures random results are delivered without any manipulation. 

Fast and Modern Transactions

On the CryptoGames platform, there are 10 cryptocurrencies available for all the players. Transactions with Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash; are always available on the website.

Alongside the regular system of making deposits or exchanges, there is also a new and time-effective update for the transactions. Two modern systems have been included in the casino for convenient transactions. Credit Card Deposit system using via Onramper and Crypto Exchange system via ChangeNow.  

What is Onramper?

For all fiat currency deposits, players can now easily use their credit cards through Onramper. This system will allow the players to deposit any fiat currencies directly into CryptoGames. Verification of identity and following a few requirements is needed to enable Onramper use for the account. 

What is ChangeNow?

Users are able to exchange any cryptocurrencies to any one of the 10 accepted cryptocurrencies. ChangeNow offers complete service to CryptoGames players for this purpose. ChangeNow allows all the players to choose any one of over 40 different cryptocurrencies for the exchange or conversion. It also offers the option to convert all coins directly without any unwanted delay in the process. 

Helpful Blog and Forum

Now after a look into the games and transaction systems, let’s take a brief look at the unique creation by the CryptoGames team of dedicated developers. The casino used the most effective and creative way to help the players in their games. CryptoGames built their Blog and Forum to help the players form a lively community among themselves. In the Blog and Forum, all registered players get to form, share, discuss any game strategies. Now if a new player visits the website and wants to get an insight into the games, there will be blog posts dedicated to all the games. Moreover, the informative articles, latest updates, and open discussions threads build up the most engaging community that attracts any new player to join in. 

Gaming Contests and Promotional Events

Helping to take their entertainment level one step ahead, CryptoGames presents engaging monthly events. Through the VIP contests, players get to show off their skills every month. All the games at the casino are there at the contests. Rewards for the monthly contests bear great privileges for the undefeated players. All top players are crowned as VIP members for the month.  Additionally, all players are given the chance to earn lifetime rewards from the casino through Promotional events. Simply by sharing referral codes from the “Rewards” tab, players get to “Invite A Friend” to join them and others at CryptoGames. Upon the registration of their referred players, all referrers earn 15% of the house edge for all the bets placed by their referred gamblers. 

Policies for Safe Gambling

Aiming to build the safest crypto casino online, CryptoGames leaves no stone unturned for the players on board. It takes and regulates necessary steps through Responsible Gaming policies. Some of their policies include Time Out, Self Exclusion, and Helplines for Preventing Addiction. CryptoGames tries its best to prevent any of its worldwide gamblers from indulging in irresponsible gambling. Putting the policies to task, CryptoGames suggests players take short breaks as soon as they can feel they are spending too much time onboard. This doesn’t mean termination of their accounts, instead helping them to get a grip on their gaming. The break can last up to 1-30 days. Once activated, the break system will not allow a player to play or use any features of the casino. If anyone chooses to Exclude themselves from the casino, then the break will last longer. In that case, a player’s account is deactivated for six months to even five years. Once enabled, the player will not be allowed to reactivate their account at all. Moreover, in that case, all unused funds by the player will remain in their accounts. 

Enjoy Modern Gambling with CryptoGames

Keeping safe entertainment as its first priority, CryptoGames claims to have taken all necessary measures for its casino and gamblers. With all the elements mentioned in the short discussions above, it’s quite a contender at the competition of online crypto casinos. With policies to go above and beyond for fair entertainment, CryptoGames aims to collect many new players in its casino. The vast availability of cryptocurrencies and tight security makes the website a more trustworthy spot for beginning level gamblers. If crypto entertainment or crypto gambling is something intriguing to you, then CryptoGames may be the place for you to start.  You will be able to explore the world of profitably classic gambling with 9 different games and a lifetime of safe gambling experience under its roof!

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