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BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Tanya: I’m doing great.

BSC_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Tanya: Yes!

Q1: First of all, could you please make a brief introduction of yourself & your team background.

Tanya: I‘m Tanya, charge of social community operation and promotion online. Join CryptoForSpeed over 5 months.

Tim Kent invited me to join this wonderful team, and CryptoForSpeed has secured strategic investment from X Block Capital, DeepLand Capital respectively, are individual investors and consultants as well.

Btw, i’d like to say, CryptoForSpeed is a global team based in UK, Singapore, United States, and Japan. CryptoForSpeed will embrace being “remote-first,” meaning we will offer the option to work with us, especially Devs. (Join us by email your resume: [email protected])

Q2: As we know CryptoForSpeed is a NFT game, which is a new form on the rise, so how do you think about the game history, why blockchain is the engine of it?

Tanya: Most of our team are from game industry as you know that, I really love game and a lot of friends were encouraged to engaged in the game industry, But the problem is, in recent years, there are some many challenges in game industry.

Especially in some small game company, it has lost their market.

Overall, maybe they’re trying to build next-generation social games or other target, akin to how Blizzard built a dominant gaming portfolio in PC gaming.

But the truth is users spent too much in the centralised game, they totally were virtually wiped out.

And company also bear the decline in profits due to epidemic and others, that attract users’ attention much more. So, that’s not a good signal for traditional game. Maybe it’s significant reason why blockchain has became new saviour.

Anyway, in its main markets, you know in traditional industry was affected during this year, some giant game company or internet company had violated antitrust laws, that highlight the disadvantages of centralisation.

and more game companies are making some striking bets on new areas. One of the biggest is in Blockchian, such as Binance Smart chain. Some made its first R&D early, but now more game team are just drastically cranking up commitment, with plans to form a strong and durable project in this year and next year.

Q3: There is very fierce competition in the GameFi or PlayToEarn area. What do you think about this and what’s your major features that you think could help you get a score?

Tanya: Yes, I’m glad to see so many games are trying to achieve their goals and development which was hard to get in the traditional areas.

As we know that, Axie has became the game with highest income around the world, it inspired a lot of ppl who devote themselves into GameFi, or called blockchain-game.

It has provided a new chance for users, all profits in the game is transparent, the game’s model is open source and ppl can trust each other and most importantly, users could enjoy the game while earn the TOKEN from the game!

Initially, we just thought we would help the customers get more experience from Crypto, but after a while we realised that we can also help make it more intelligent and interesting, the key point is innovation.

As Maria and Tanya said in different communities, there are 2 key features and I think it’s really imperative things for everyone.

No.1 is Zero-investment, we have replaced the “buying” with using LP stake, so user can get it back after 60days.

No.2 is Golden-Standard, that make us stronger in the volatile market.

It’s imperative to know it before join this game.

Q4: Yes, you just mentioned our next questions, could you tell us more about Zero-investment and Golden-Standard, why it works?

Tanya: CryptoForSpeed allows users get blind boxes by staking LP instead of buying, because we design this new feature and achieved through smart contract, we had replaced the “buying” in other games, with “Stake LP”.

Therefore users would have more incentives to join because they could unstake and get their LP back after 60days.

It’s free to a certain degree actually. If you want to get 1 blind box with auto NFT card inside, just image what should you do in other platforms? You will connect your wallet and approve something and swap it, where is your money? Goes into game address, I’m not saying it’s not correct, it’s normal process. But, we consider it as new way.

In CryptoForSpeed, it’s simple, You should add LP in the Pancake firstly, the LP value is 0.5 BNB, so you add the LP and it’s worth 0.5BNB, right, now you can go to our website, and tap the button, the button not to buy, the button to stake your LP, then you can get 1 blind box with Auto NFT-card, you can use it to mine CFS TOKEN.

And, It is noteworthy that, we developed the new feature named “Zipper”, that collect those 2 steps, Combine the two steps into one, so you can get LP more easier.

Let’s think about it. Maybe you are not familiar with Pancake, maybe you are not familiar with method how to add LP, or think it’s too complicated, then you can use this feature named “Zip” in our website, use one way, you buy LP directly in the “Zip”, and don’t forget, Stake the LP then you get NFT card, you can unstake the LP and get it back after 60days.

Q5: What’s the ‘Golden-Standard’ feature in the game?

Tanya: At first, we need to know what’s the Golden-Standard in the history. The Bank of England had for centuries supported the development of the bullion market; the first gold standard was set in 1717.

Similar to it, in CryptoForSpeed, mining base on ROI(Return On Investment) instead of using fixed number.

Let’s make it clear, The mining on CryptoForSpeed is a dynamic process with flexible rewarding strategy.

In short, you will get more CFS(mining TOKEN) when CFS’s price slid. That’s why we could built the balance between the mining-rewards and market-protect.

It avoid something goes wrong way, you know that, It can be extremely embarrassing to get less value of TOKEN but even should pay higher value of GAS fees on the chain at the same time. It won’t be problem in the CryptoForSpeed.

Q6: Token burn is important to increase the value and price of a token? Do you have a buy back or maybe burn system and how does it work?

Tanya: The price protection mechanism is significant, we designed a special feature for this, named repurchase account.

For example, when CFS is traded in the blockchain, 5% transaction tax will be charged for both sales and purchases, of which 50% will be put into the repurchase account, so we have long-term protection for price value.

Q7: What’s your plan for next year?

Tanya: We’re going to launch the mobile game in the next year, Racing game type will be our choice. Our team also will use 3D to explore new types of gameplay such as sports titles did better.

Q8: Where can we find out more about CryptoForSpeed on social media?

Tanya: Telegram:








BSC_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with CryptoForSpeed.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Tanya: It’s my pleasure to share something here, and I really appreciate your work. Our whitelist is living now, don’t forget to participate in it!

BSC_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for CryptoForSpeed.

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