CryptoDrakeBall Blasts Onto Scene, Now a Top 10 BSC App

CryptoDrakeBall now ranks amongst the top Binance Smart Chain applications in the GameFi ecosystem.

CryptoDrake Joins BSC’s Elite 

CryptoDrakeBall has taken Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by storm. The play-to-earn gaming protocol is now among the top elite GameFi projects in the Decentralized Finance Market. 

To shed more light, CryptoDrakeBall protocol is now ranked amongst the top ten Decentralized Applications (Dapps) by users on BSC. The protocol announced the top-class achievement on 14th August via Twitter. 

“Top 10 Dapps on BSC, we are now. Look at how fast our users develop #Playtoearn #P2E #BSC #Game $DBALL Website:,” the protocol disclosed on Twitter. 

CryptoDrakeBall utilizes a play-to-earn model by issuing its native $DBALL through gameplay while also giving players’ Non-fungible tokens (NFT) value by increasing their usage through future features. 


The top ten status––confirmed in’s Tweet on 14th August––is a significant milestone for the BSC-based GameFi protocol. In addition, stats from DappRadar show that CryptoDrakeBall is posting solid numbers across GameFi ecosystem. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie 

According to DappRadar statistics, CryptoDrakeBall is performing well in the BSC ecosystem. The protocol is ranked number five in the BSC, with over 14K users presently. CryptoDrakeBall also has a daily trading volume of $2.78 million and over 200K daily transactions. The game has put up these numbers all the past week.

On that same note these numbers act as a double edged sword. $DBall falls under the category of a nano-cap token with a fully diluted market cap of less than 21,000,000. The token is subject to extreme volatility and arguably is arguably in the riskiest crypto asset class. It is high-risk high reward.

CryptoDrakeBall 24Hour Statistics | Source 

The play-to-earn game is trending in the BSC ecosystem and has already drawn comparisons with other GameFi protocols like DungeonSwap and its lookalike — Dragon Ball Z. 

A number of fans have taken to social media to bemoan the gas fees on CryptoBlades. The game that was hot the last month or so has cooled down significantly due to congestion and high fees. CryptoDrakeBall appears the beneficiary of the fickle behavior in DeFi.

CryptoDrakeBall is currently in phase one of its Roadmap and has just recently launched its NFT marketplace. Since the launch on 10th August, a total of 18,578 NFTs have been minted, as of this writing. All these statistics are a huge testament to the rapid improvement the protocol has shown since bursting into the scene in August 2021. 

About CryptoDrakeBall

CrytoDrakeBall is a play-to-earn gaming protocol with an NFT marketplace where users can obtain unique characters to upgrade their GameFi experience or trade with extremely low fees. Players use its native $DBALL to purchase characters, gather and upgrade Drake Claws (NFTs), and buy and sell on the CryptoDrakeBall marketplace. The project is also audited by Tech audit. 

Where to find CryptoDrakeBall:

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